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How to create Firebase Plist file ?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on July 13, 2023, 11:11 am

Follow below mentioned steps to to create Firebase Plist file :

Note: You need to create your Plist file with the same Firebase project that you used while creating JSON File. If you have already created the JSON File, you can jump to step 11.

Step 1 : Go to Firebase and Sign in to your account.
Step 2 : Click on Get Started
Step 3 : Click on Create a Project
Step 4 : Enter your project name

Step 5 : Choose the parent resource and tick mark the checkbox to accept terms and conditions.

Step 6 : Click on Continue

Step 7 : Enable Google Analytics for your project and click on Continue
Step 8 : Select your desired Analytics location, and tick mark the checkboxes to accept terms and conditions
Step 9 : Click on Create Project
Step 10 : Click on Continue
Step 11 : Click on Add App and  iOS icon

Step 12 : 
Enter iOS Bundle ID ( For example: com.appypie.classroom.

App Nickname and App store ID fields are optional. If you want, you can leave them.

Step 13 : Click on Register app

Step 14: Download GoogleService-Info.plist file on your system and click on Next

Step 15 : Click on Next
Step 16 : Click on Next

Step 17 : Click on Continue to Console

Step 18 : You will be redirected to your console dashboard and and Now go to Appy pie google class feature.

Step 19 : Now here upload the downloaded Plist File

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