How to create a Hyperlocal app with Appy Pie?

You can refer to the Video Tutorial Below to learn how you can create a Hyperlocal app:

  1. In tutorial we will learn, how you can list your job services, through Hyperlocal feature in app?
  2. Hyperlocal feature, Allow professionals like plumbers, barbers, technicians, welders, and many others, to create their profiles, in order to get the work as per their area of expertise. Or you as the app owner can job listing on their behalf.
  3. Lets see how its done.
  4. Start creating app, on creator software add hyperlocal page into your app. If you want you can rename Hyperlocal page with your business.
  5. Click on Add Listing, Proceed to Dashboard.
  6. Click on Add Category, fill the required info, and click on Create Category.
  7. If you want, you can create sub-category under this category. You can list job services under sub-category too.
  8. However I will add job listings under Category.
  9. Provide Job service title, Budget is the per hour charge
  10. We provide a default enquiry form.
  11. However if you want you can link your own form, you just have to create a custom form on creator software.
  12. If you want you can specify availability schedule for each days of week.
  13. Provide summary for your job service.
  14. If you want you can add images or link youtube video for your job service.
  15. Provide your basic details.
  16. Once done then Save
  17. The job listing is successfully created.
  18. Click on Cogwheel if you want to edit job listing, activate/inactivate, Gallery, Check reviews or delete it.
  19. You can customise feature from Configuration Settings or change admin email id.
  20. Under Language Settings, you will find all the default texts that are already being displayed on your app. If you update any language settings text from here, it will immediately start reflecting on your app.
  21. Under Export/import section you can upload or exports job listings in bulk.

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