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How do you report an app on the App Store?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on March 19, 2020, 10:40 pm

Follow these steps to report an app on the App Store.

  • Go to your “App Store” and open the detail screen of the app
  • Scroll down, tap on “Reviews”
  • Tap the “New Document” icon
  • Tap “Report a Problem” button
  • Tap on the type of problem you are facing
    • This application has a bug
    • This application is offensive
    • My concern is not limited here
  • Type the complaint or concern in the “Comments” field
  • Tap on “Report” button and submit the report

Now that you know how to report an app lets us discuss further why users need to report an app. Apps are changing the world and lives of the users with just a tap on their devices. However, apps on App Store must comply with its legal guidelines. A few app store guidelines have been listed below:

  • There is control over apps to be downloaded by kids and App Store is extremely serious about who downloads an app.
  • App Store rejects apps for any content or images which are against their rules.
  • The person behind the app needs to make everything - content, images or videos that comply with the guidelines. He needs to review and scrutinize all the data.

Apple may remove content for various reasons or guidelines. Apple will notify you why your app has been removed. Apple has a list of guidelines that need to be taken into consideration before publishing the app on the app store. App Store can remove your content calling futile or ineffective. Apps removed from the App Store will remain available in locations which do not comply with guidelines but will be removed in countries specific to the issue. Before publishing your app make sure of the following points.

Objectionable content

Objectionable content includes:
  1. Defamatory, discriminatory, humiliating content
  2. Violent Content (videos or images of animals being killed abused or tortured)
  3. Sexual or pornographic material
  4. Content that encourages use of weapons or buying of ammunition
  5. Provocative religious comments or misleading comments
  6. Fake information, inaccurate data

App Store Reviews

App Store customer reviews are highly considered. Do not abuse your users and remember to keep your comments targeted to the user questions.

Kids Content

Your app must comply with all the legal privacy laws around the data from children online. These apps should not consider third-party ads.


Medical drugs related information should come from international medical entities like World Health Organization (WHO). Apps should not encourage illegal drugs or drug abuse.

Developer contact details

Make sure your app answers all the customer support issues and provide your users an easy way like an email id to contact you.

Data Security

The emphasis on keeping user data safe and secure is highly recommended. No third-party should have access to your data or use it in unauthorized way.


Remember that your app should be unique, simple, innovative and original. Nobody should be able to make an infringement claim against you.

However, if you believe your app is not against the guidelines, and it complies with rules and you want it be reinstated on App Store, you can send an appeal to restore your app to Apple.

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