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How to add app privacy details on the App Store?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on June 17, 2021, 9:12 am

Apple is diligent about ensuring transparency and helping the users understand the privacy practices of an app, even before they download it from any of the Apple platforms. Hence, the app owners need to enter the privacy details of their app in App Store Connect, even before submitting their app for publication on App Store.

By entering this information, you would be clearly informing your app users about the kind of data you may be collecting, whether that data is connected to them or used to track them.

You need to provide all the details of your app’s privacy practices, including the privacy practices of the third-party partners whose code you may have used in your app.

While answering the questions on App Store Connect, you must remember that you are the app owner, whereas Appy Pie is the third-party owner.

Here are the steps to add the app privacy details on App Store Connect:

Step 1. Login to with your Apple App Developer account. Ensure that the account through which you log in has an Account Owner or Admin role because other roles are insufficient to make this change.

Step 2. Once logged in,Click on My Apps.
Step 3. Open your app.
Step 4. Here, you will find the App Privacy page listed in the left-hand menu.

Step 5. On this page, click the “Get Started” button to start filling out the app privacy questionnaire.

Step 6. Select the option “Yes, we collect data from this app” and then click “Next”Step 7. On the next page, you will be prompted to check the boxes for all the data types your app collects. Let’s discuss them in detail:

  • Contact Info

You will need to check this box depending on the functionality of your app. If you require the users to enter their personal details anywhere in your app, you need to check this box.

  • Health and fitness

If you are linking any APIs related to health and fitness, you should check this box.

  •  Financial info

This section concerns payments which are handled through modes other than a payment service. For example, if your app contains a manual payment option, you should check the ‘Payment Info’ box. But if you only have PayPal or other payment services, you do not need to check the box because they handle all the information without you looking at it.
However, if you collect any other financial information, make sure that you check the appropriate box(es).

  •  Location

If your app uses the ‘Precise Location’ to send location-based push notifications to your app users, you should be checking the box. However, if your app has other functionality like maps or location-based lock blocks, you also need to check this box.

  • Sensitive Info

You need to check this box if your app contains data like racial or ethnic data, sexual orientation, pregnancy and childbirth information, disability, religious beliefs, political inclinations, trade union membership, genetic data, or biometric data.

  • Contacts

Check this box if your app collects data via your app users’ device contact list.

  • User Content

Whether it is emails from app users, photos, videos, or more, you need to enable the appropriate options by checking corresponding boxes.

  • Browsing History

If your app collects information about user’s browsing history, make sure that you check the appropriate boxes in the section.

  • Search History

Check the right boxes if you are collecting information about your user’s search history.

  • Identifiers

Check the appropriate box if you are collecting any data like device IDs, user IDs, etc.

  • Purchases

Check this box if your app collects data related to the purchases made by the user or their purchase behavior and tendencies.

  • Usage Data

If your app collects analytical data, then check the box next to ‘Product Interaction’.

  • Diagnostics

Again, it depends on the app’s functionality. If your app is collecting any diagnostics data, you must check the appropriate boxes.

  • Other data

If your app collects any other information that is not mentioned in any other boxes, you can check this option.

Step 8. Once you have checked the boxes for the data items above, click Save

Step 9. You will be presented with the details screen to refine the privacy information against the selected data types.You now need to go through the data items shown and complete the more detailed questions. Let’s take the ‘Name’ Data Type as an example. Click on the ‘Set Up Name’ label

Step 10. Check the ‘App Functionality’ box and click Next to view the next question
Step 11.
Check the ‘Yes, names collected from this app are linked to the user’s identity’ radio button and click on next

Step 12. Check the ‘No, we do not use name for tracking purposes’ radio button and click Save
Step 13.
The app privacy options available in all Appy Pie apps are listed in the table below, along with a guide to help you answer the questions.

Data Type Response to Question 1 Response to Question 2 Response to Question 3
Email Address Select “App Functionality” Select “Yes, email addresses collected from        this app are linked to the user’s identity” Select “No, we do not use email  addresses for tracking purposes”
Contact Number Select “App Functionality” Select “Yes, contact numbers collected from this app are linked to the user’s identity” Select “No, we do not use contact numbers for tracking purposes”
User Content (Photos & Videos) Select “App Functionality”  Select “Yes, user content collected from this app are linked to the user’s identity” Select “No, we do not use photos & videos for tracking purposes”
Identifier (Device ID) Select “App Functionality”  Select “Yes, device IDs collected from this app are linked to the user’s identity” Select “No, we do not use device IDs for tracking purposes”

Step 14. After completing all the data types, click on the Publish button so that the App Store users can see all your app privacy details.

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