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How do I know if a website is safe?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on February 5, 2021, 1:33 pm

There are all kinds of websites live on the internet. Of course, it is the responsibility of the website owner to make sure that the website is safe for the visitors to use, but unfortunately many of them ignore this important aspect. So, here are some tips to know if a website is safe.

  • The “S” in HTTPS is for safety. It indicates that the site is encrypted and have an SSL certificate for the site visitor’s safety.
  • Read through the site’s privacy policy. The website’s privacy policy must clearly inform the visitors about the data that is being collected, how it is being collected, used, and protected by them.
  • Look for their contact information. One of the best ways to ascertain the credibility of a website or a business is by looking for their contact information. The easier it is to get in touch with them, more trustworthy they come across
  • Check for trust seals. A trust seal that says “Secure” on “Verified” indicates that the website is secure and has HTTPS security. 
  • Look for website malware. In spite of checking all the points above, the site won’t be safe if there is malware on it. Here are some common signs that the website has malware on it:
  1. The attackers may deface a website by replacing the site’s content with their own brand logos and materials
  2. Suspicious pop ups that make big claims or appear clickbait’ish’
  3. Malicious advertising like the ones that claim miracle cures, have spelling errors or grammatical mistakes
  4. Phishing kits and malicious redirects. Phishing kits are malicious websites that imitate commonly visited websites that intend to trick users into giving away sensitive information. If you type in a URL and you are redirected to a different website that looks malicious, chances are, you have fallen victim to a malicious redirect. The two often go together.
  5. SEO spam. Unusual links on the website, particularly in the comments section often indicate SEO spam.
  6. Search engine warnings. The better search engines scan the websites for malware and then place a warning if it is definitely infected with malware. 

When you create a website with Appy Pie, we make sure that it is secure with the best possible standards.

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