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What is a bad website?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on February 19, 2021, 1:22 pm

To create a good website, you must also know what makes a bad website. This is more of a ‘what not to do’ list and can help you avoid some of the biggest pitfalls.

1. Bad or no content

How would you feel if you go to a website and see that there is nothing there? Or a site that only has a few random images, badly written text, with no aesthetic appeal. You may not want to stick around for too long. Make sure that you give your site visitors something of value, something that they can enjoy going through and maybe come back for.

2. Slow load speed

No one has the time to wait for more than a few seconds, just waiting for the website to load. No matter how great your website looks or how wonderful your products are, if it takes forever to load, no one is going to hang around to see it. Reasons why your site may be slow –

  • Multiple images
  • Heavy files
  • Unnecessary bits of code
  • Excessive CSS and JavaScript
  • Flash

3. Badly organized site

When people have to work too hard to find a simple piece of information, they are not going to be very happy about. Most probably they are not going to come back to this experience, instead they may choose to with a competitor.  

4. Hard to find contact information

You want your website visitors to trust you and to get in touch with you. If you make it difficult for them to find your contact information, not only are they going to doubt your intentions, but may even give up trying. This means you are definitely going to lose multiple leads

5. Lack of a clear CTA 

The goal of building a website is usually to let the visitor take some kind of an action. If a website fails to clearly indicate what the visitor must do, then all that traffic goes to waste. A beautiful website may become entirely useless if the visitors do not know what to do!

6. Bad user experience

A website that looks outdated or has clunky functioning, if it has clashing color themes or illegible fonts is not going to be memorable for good reasons. A bad user experience discourages people from staying on the website and prevents them from coming back to the website.

7. Lack of responsiveness

People are using a variety of devices to go to their favorite websites. This means the websites need to offer a seamless and uniform experience across devices for all consumers irrespective of the devices they may be using.


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