How can I get sinch API Key?

Follow below mentioned steps to get your Sinch API Key.

  1. Go to
  2. If you have created an account with Sinch, then Login, else Sign Up
  3. Verifiy your Phone Number
  4. Click on Dashboard
  5. Click on Apps button present on the left-hand side panel
  6. Click on Create New App button
  7. Provide the required information, select Production and click on Create App button
  8. Under Action section, click on left-most icon
  9. Click on Verification tab, select Public button and Click on Update Verification Settings
  10. Click on Key icon under Action section
  11. Copy Sinch Key and paste it in Appy Pie messenger app API field
  12. Click on the Account and Balance and provide the required information to add credit to your Sinch account

    Note: For seamless experience for calling, you must have Credit in your Sinch Account

    For iOS Devices:

    For running Messenger on iOS devices you need to upload APN Certificate. You need to do 2 more steps:
  13. Under Action, click on Push notification icon(Right-most-icon)
  14. Upload your APN Certificate
    Note:Refer to below FAQ to generate your APN Certificate

  15. Once you have generated and downloaded your APN Certificate, double click on the .cer file and it will be saved to the keychain
  16. Select the appropriate file from the keychain 
  17. Right click on it and select Export Files
  18. Save the files wherever you want
  19. A popup will appear asking the password to protect the files, leave it blank and click on OK
  20. Drop the file

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