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How do landing pages work? & Landing page optimization?

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April 09, 2020

Video Transcription: The web is filled with landing pages I never once, This video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy, have filled out any of these forms for the sign up for my free offer get my ebook I never once signed up for these and I always wonder like they must work because there's everywhere in the web and I I myself sometimes recommend people to make these because when it makes sense even though I am myself I'm not a user how these things really work like what is this ecology or the mechanism to make these effective it comes down to psychology and persuasion everybody who's selling on the web wants to make a lot of money but the majority of people go down the wrong path to figure out how to make that money they're trying to sell to everybody you don't want to sell to just everybody out there you want to find who your exact target audience is the right avatars and then sell to only that person.

Once you can figure out who that person is you get that one opt-in you can find out why maybe connect with them ask them yeah use analytical data to figure out how they got there what search results they got there to it once you figure out why they're actually interested in you then you can connect with them to do more of that for that individual person is more unlikely that one individual you can time by a thousand or a hundred thousand and figure out how to market directly to your individual target avatar and you do that by creating a lot of value what overvaluing aspect am I going to be able to provide to this individual so they can give me their email address and that doesn't happen overnight it takes a while for you to build up trust to build up an authority to be the purse the go-to person in your niche so they're more likely to fill out your opt-in.

So I saw at a conference where Derek Halpern talked about this one in the podcast I really like social triggers related to the psychology of selling and the kind called it the side liners so you have people at this very end of who or your target audience and then another at this very this opposite end the people right in the middle are the perfect audience you want to forget about the people at both extremes because you actually want to be pissing off these people and disappointing these people you know and there are people in the middle are the right exact audience for you and then you can figure out what they want and then just do more of that.  

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