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Optimize your Facebook page description

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January 21, 2020

Syour page description is 2.5 here it is on the Facebook for business page and it's on the left hand side column here under your likes and under your friends that like this page so as you can see it includes the website and a short paragraph describing your business how do we optimize your page description so there's three main things to remember here one is don't sell you want to interact and connect two is you want to include specific keywords and three is you want to include a call to action so interacting and connecting is important because nobody wants to have products or services forced onto them you want to stay in line with the purpose of your page which is to connect and to share here is a bad example this is our official Facebook page for our customers you can buy a product at our web site per page is a collection of your stories showing how people from around the world have helped make coke into what it is today so you can see it's very warm very welcoming and offers value to the people so the second strategy is to use keywords that you want to be optimized for searching and buzzwords that a suitable free business so this will increase your SEO rankings not only in Google and other search engines but in Facebook's graph search so when people are searching Facebook for businesses in your industry you will show up not only this but including these buzz words make it really easy for people to understand what your business actually does in the short amount of sentences that you get let me run you through an example so let's take giuseppe's pizza here are four key words that Giuseppe wants to include in his Facebook page description both for his SEO and for describing what his business does so they are pizza pizzeria takeout and Miami because Giuseppe's pizza is based in Miami so here's a example of a great page description that Giuseppe could use welcome - Giuseppe's pizzeria fan page connect share and be entertained by our love of pizza there's the website the best takeout pizza in Miami as you can see he has all of our keywords there in orange and he's also offering value connect share and be entertained by a love of pizza anyone who also loves pizza is now going to be more inclined to like this page so secondarily the long description is not as important less than 1 percent of your fans will see the your long description but for the ones who do it's important to have your information easy to understand and easier to read the main purpose of your long description for you will be to optimize it for search engines so what I suggest is you use bolded headings space your information logically and make sure you include your keywords that you want to be optimized for on your search engines here's an example that Starbucks do so you can see they're bold headings and spacing is very effective they include their mission their company overview and their description and obviously they include the word Starbucks in there a lot because that is the main keyword that they will be looking to optimize for although being such a big business they don't have to focus on this as much as we do but it's important that they have it in there so I suggest you include your business history and story to personalize it a little bit your mission statement and purpose so people can understand what you're about and I would include your location in other contact details so people can find you and purchase from.

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