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What is a lead page? & How to set up your lead page

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April 09, 2020

Video Transcription: Could you please explain how does how to set up a what is the lead page and how to set up a lead page, This video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy, yeah so or if you want to use my affiliate link Alexes science com/leadpages you go there you sign up I use the annual plan because I use it basically every month and once you sign up you essentially can connect that to your WordPress site you download the wordpress plugin which is unique to you you install that wordpress plugin and then you go back to leadpages to kind of create all your leadpages there you just click on you know to organize landing pages by conversion rate and you can see which ones have the best conversion rate and that you really like as you you know figure out the right one for you just click on that one hit add it to my tool deck whatever they call that if they have a great all you do is just type in whatever you want to upload a bunch of images connect your butt into your MailChimp or your Aweber and then you hit publish boom and your landing page is done.

All you do to get that onto your website is you now go back to your WordPress site you click on your lead pages plug-in and you say you pull from the drop-down all of a sudden that landing page now shows up you hit go and you create a URL for it now just like you know if you wanted to check out my mastermind group Alex designs calm /mm that's a lead page that I use that's I created it in just really a couple of minutes and then I as you create them you can use those same lead pages on multiple areas or multiple different domains even so it's very flexible across you know really the whole arsenal of your business I use it on my blog is it on my podcast site I use it on my agency site and you can really segment out the list just based on your lead pages dashboard they're equal.

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