How to increasing email opt in conversions

Is giving away ebooks effective for increasing email opt in conversions?

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April 09, 2020

Video Transcription: Is giving me books away effective to increase conversion because people don't I know most people will they will get the e-book but they'll never end up reading it and people don't read anyway but the people still see value in it and like is that effective so , This video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy, well yes they are effective but he all comes down to the quality of content and how far you've built trust you know into that relationship because if you're just giving you know a oh you know the secrets of making a million dollars online or whatever you know people just see right through that so yeah you know give away an e-book you know that's a value just don't create anything and then put it out there and expect no nobody do any work with you want to ensure that the you're providing value and then that you know even people scan through it they can see that you spent a little bit of good time on it Orkut it could be short but just very direct and what they want it could just be an e-book of the blog posts that they just read because they want to take it offline when they maybe they're in a place where they don't have time to read it all right now you know so there's many different ways to kind of position it but you know they definitely do work and then increase conversion right when you offer in eBook for free or something or they not offering versus offer and it's a no brainer you should always offer yeah you should always offer something but you look specifically because I like it personally doesn't excite me so I don't know if this is really excited a lot of people or is there something better to give away well it's all individual you know for blogs I would definitely recommend some type of giveaway you know I don't give away an e-book I give away free downloads of templates yeah you know that I think more likely you know people who are following me and more than likely they're either web designer just getting into conversion I want to give them something that they make potential use you know I look at the e-book as a way to build credibility and to build word-of-mouth if I if I get an awesome eBook that's actually a value I end up sharing that with a whole bunch of people you know even I'll tell them you know you know I got it from this person's list I think you should eventually go and sign up for it but here's just this thing that I got and I think it'll really help you at your point because you know the good ones are really good like mine.

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