How to do Conversion Rate Optimization

Social and neuro psychology science of a potential customer in a sales funnel

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April 09, 2020

Video Transcription: Can you please maybe share with us what is the psychology of a person who's maybe going through a sales funnel and once they get to a landing page that finally, they'd rather close the sale like what is the psychology that they have that we should be aware of that we don't scrub that process for them, This video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy, yeah the social science and the neuroscience and psychology that goes into selling online is something I'm really interested right now especially after reading Robert Cialdini's book many times called influence and really the five aspects of influence are reciprocity consistency social proof liking Authority and scarcity it's five or six but the conversion funnel is the exact way to demonstrate this so someone is putting into Google a search result I search keywords because they're looking force they have some problem that they want to solve.

So let's take dieting a woman is preparing for her son's wedding so she wants to lose weight so she types into Google lose weight by a certain date this is a nondiscriminatory YouTube channel, by the way, a person so search results show that oh here's lose weight for your wedding yeah that person clicks on that search result and they write of a landing page and the landing page now says you can lose weight for this wedding but this date lose twenty pounds very direct is exactly what she needs she had some type of problem that she was looking for and in the on the landing page you're giving a solution to the problem that they had so you're building authority on that you are the right Authority for the niche that she was looking for from that you now have to create some type of value proposition to get them to like you and you do that by using social proof you use social proof to show that you're credible in the industry and the lower that barrier of entry to increase those conversions right away and then you have to use different kinds of persuasion techniques like reciprocity and or scarcity you want reciprocity you give stuff away for free in order to get something back in return.

Take my free diet profile and you'll get back this customized diet profile for you it's all free but it's building an authority getting you to like them and in the end, giving you value and hoping in return you convert from that reciprocity factor and lastly is commitment and consistency the ability to get people through that whole conversion funnel get them to add to your mailing list and then maybe doing even a retargeting campaign around that because they then go to you know another new site or Facebook and all this on your ads start to follow them that consistency of the brand experience and all those touchpoints that you're meeting with them and then eventually sending them a nurture campaign through emails that consistency is really what branding is all about these days and that's how you get into the psychology at the conversion funnel bringing them to step by step by step by understanding how you can persuade them in a not scammy way.

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