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How to create a great landing page & Good practice landing page tips

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April 09, 2020

Video Transcription: What would you recommend for creating in your mind the perfect landing page the such a thing exists or is it really just started targeting per person, This video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy, know there's a lot of best practices that really go into some of the components of a great landing page because the landing page not only is it focused on conversions but it's to get you to interact it's your first impression that people come off the search or Facebook ads or social media or TV it's really the first impression that you're giving your potential customers so you want to ensure that it solves the problem that they came for so you know in a perfect world the landing page would have great relevance to where they came from if they're coming off a pay-per-click ad you want to ensure that the keyword that they're searching for is involved in the copy and the imagery that they are seeing on the landing page that creates a great message match when you arrive at the landing page.

The headline of the image and maybe the call-to-action and the text all relate to the problem that someone was searching for and now you have to figure out how to solve that for them because if you're the web these days it's a lot harder to sell these days than it's ever been so you really need to personalize and humanize the experience so they understand that you are their act their pain point at the right time and you are the perfect solution for them so that's a lot of high-level stuff but it means have a great unique value proposition a headline a photo a call-to-action with a form above the fold and have it clear only put copy on there that you essentially really need make it really simple really direct and the form being the main focal point you really want to get people to fill out that form and click the button that's the main conversion I really like that advise unit because I've been facing the issue of life it's been getting harder and harder to market now then it's hard it's hard and you're coupling that with it's hot it's even harder the Sal once you get those people to your site so I think people have to really bring it like that's what I'm that's really what I feel like it's like everything is so much more difficult now the Nikes ever used to be.

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