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Should bloggers include the big popover email signup form?

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April 09, 2020

Video Transcription: I'm sure you've seen when you come to a blog and you spend like five seconds there you only know that blog for like five seconds and they give you this big pop-up saying please sign up for our stuff and I find it so annoying but it must be effective because everybody's doing it it's nothing effective or is it annoying or what's going on, This video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy, yes it's effective I have one on my site and people what is it people just saying that right it's for email or do you is it easier just for email or is it for other things, yeah mine's just for email it's you know it is right in your face right there but it does affect it really well you know you have to tweak it how it works for your site you know I took it off the first visit on my site I only show it on my second visit now as a return visitor but I probably will go back to showing the first one really you know if you see the frequency of the opt-ins that you get and you tweak it you tweak the time that it takes you to know how far they down the fold and you think you get the pop over so it definitely works.

You know if people reach out and say that pisses me off then that'll be a different story but for the most part, it works really well I have a feeling that the metrics that you get are the signups but you never hear from the people who are pissed off because they left so I feel like there may be a balance thereof you got more signups but some people could have signed up later but like they just gotta kind of to me like adds like a 10 per cent irritation level because I don't I it sends me scrambling looking for the little extra to the thing that turns nothing up maybe I'm like a olds maybe I'm an old man I don't know well I think it works great on blogs but I wouldn't do it on corporate sites yeah and even yeah definitely looks.

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