AIDA for effective sales strategies

AIDA (one of the most proven and effective sales strategies)

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April 09, 2020

Video Transcription: Hi there let's talk about this concept called Aida is an acronym , This video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy, I'm gonna explain what every word every letter means in a second but I want to explain to you why this is so important I'm a that is something as a consumer you will never know it but as a sales person which you are now because you're promoting something and you've gotta get people to and I just come to your site but also buy something or do something on it well Ella is Aida is one of the most core sales principles there ever was and to make sales you've got to really know about it if you don't know about Aida it can probably increase your sales manifold just by following this format and this video is gonna be part of two videos um the next video is gonna be on sales copywriting which is another video which is gonna kind of focus on how to close the sale okay there's almost a pseudoscience to it so let's get into it first we'll do the AIDA the AIDA is a little bit of a high-level thing and then they'll do a lower-level thing and look at sales copywriting okay so let's get into it so it's an acronym it stands for attention interest desire action and this is the flow of your sales conversation or your sales page the way you write your sales page or your product page this is essentially the flow the mental flow that you've got to put the customer. 

Okay so let's get into each of the concepts first is a the attention attention comes in the form of attention grabbing headlines right let's say somebody searches something on Google and there's ten items right well if your headline is the best it will highly increase the chances of people clicking on yours right because that's the first thing people have got to click on your product right you've got to grab the attention you know if same thing on Amazon same thing on YouTube if people search and they see some really cool headline oh my god they're gonna be attracted to that headline because they're browsing they're not sure which to choose and there's your beautiful headline and the headlines typically also on the web of course you want to combine really attractive headlines really nice headlines too with SEO okay so on the web of course keywords matter right because people search they have to find things through keywords so you have to rank in the first page in the first place but once you rank it's not enough you gotta get people to click on it which is the beautiful headline right so you got to combine this your keywords with the headline and what sometimes makes headlines better is if you add numbers percentages brands or any kind of authoritative things in there for example my course my correspond marketing strategies to reach a million people that title has really worked because it has that million people it's a really great promise.

It's a really it's been a really great title for the course before the course when I you know even when I first put on that the course I only had a title like marketing strategies and nobody really it wasn't exciting enough right so I had to make it more exciting for you so you should always start with your concept right so your concept should be exciting and it will allow you to make a really interesting nice headline so the course concept is cool how do I reach a million people it's easy to have you know it's it makes it it's naturally positioned to have a great headline and there I there you go so it solves that issue of a it gets people attention people's attention who wouldn't want a million people right I mean the no-brainer everybody would like a million people to reach a million people with their marketing so same thing when I had my hiking you know when I had regular all types people didn't really but when my title was something like a hike to see shipwrecks during low tide that got a lot of attention right so sometimes the headline makes a tremendous amount of difference because it just you know it gets people to look deeper okay it gets against people's attention of course right because it's a for attention and once you get people's attention then you can sell and if you don't get people's attention everything else is like a waste because yeah you know you made this a great product you know but people you haven't grabbed their attention you haven't grabbed your interest probably another product is gonna grab their interest right so you've got to focus on the headline it's gotta be really attractive and that's the attention part that's the aim of Aida once you got the a let's say they clicked on your product or your webpage or something you have to build interest right it's not enough to just promise something with a headline you have to back it up so you have to quickly start explaining the people why the product is good for them sometimes it's really good to use something called like a sub headline so like a secondary smaller headline before they get to the text the regular text of your of your copy when I say copy I mean if it's a it's a industry term for the text on your sales page that is called copy so you got a few seconds make a equally attractive sub headline and use the words like you.

You will learn how to reach a million people you will learn advanced marketing strategies for SEO and social media you will blah right and you is very powerful because when you address people directly like one-on-one kind of it really helps to increase sales it's been really proven to increase sales because people you get people engaged because people come to your page they're immediately thinking what's in it for me and so you're explaining what you yeah so it speaks directly to the person and through your sales copy right through either as you talk or as you the things you write you have to we get into this Aida.

AIDA desire you have to build desire and you build desire by showing the person possibly through metaphors if you're good but really make them envision how much better their life will be after getting your product for example so you may be struggling with you may be struggling with growing your business but with this course you will learn how to you know how to reach a million people and make a lot of money right a person who's struggling with promotion they will learn exactly how to promote their business to a fantastic scale you can also do things like are you struggling with just your Facebook and Twitter marketing right because probably they are well here you will learn really advanced techniques for doing SEO and for doing social media that will get you clients right so they are struggling now and you promising to get them to the Holy Grail right so or you can say you will learn techniques that professionals use or actually this is the this is the terms that this is actually comes from exactly my copy that I wrote you know I kind of do say these things and it has worked to get people get people's attention and desire to eventually buy the course because it is actually a very loved course of mine and so I know that that worked and I know how and I know that it wasn't working before I had made those changes when I first put out the course it was it wasn't selling well and I had to you know first of all maybe the course better but also as I made the course better I mean it is strategically better so that I can so that it fit these amazing headlines and all the rest of the copy right so you kind of Nick see the before and after and you have to know who they are you know how you have to know their struggles and because you know their struggles you can write the sales copy to explain to them how they're struggling now and you have to how do you understand that they're struggling and how your product will make their life better how it will save them time money make money save money make their life better in some way okay and of course when you are done with that and people are there ready they really desire your product of course you want to make the call to action buy the product now sign up today something like that right and so that's AIDA that's the process that you wanted to get people to walk through now let me share it with you my experience my experience I come I got my education in computer science right I don't have a formal sales background.

So I had to learn this so let me tell you when I was learning this immediately I didn't exactly know how to use this AIDA principle but it took me a little bit of time to get comfortable with it and now I'm pretty good with it and now I'm always looking at other really good marketers and sales copywriters and noticing how they take me through their AIDA and I'm always trying to get tips from them trying to see what they're doing well and over time I've gotten better and better I mean we always have room to grow but certainly, I've gotten better and better and it's helped me increase sales of just about everything that I make now this AIDA principle helps me make sales and with the next video I'm going to explain about copywriting a lot of it actually got into now within this video but the next video is more detailed I'm gonna explain how to do sales copywriting so that you close the sale, okay so that's been a DES take put this in your memory bank it's gonna help you throughout the rest of your career whenever you sell anything it's what all professional salespeople use and now in the next video let's talk about professional sales copywriting.

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