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About www Redirect Checker

What is WWW Redirect Checker tool?

WWW redirection checker tool is a simple but very useful tool to check the redirects of your website. This tool can be used to check the web page redirection done by webmasters. By using this website, you can know the web page redirection made by other webmasters. If you make any redirects to other websites on your site, then this tool can help you know the same.

How to use WWW redirection checker tool?

This tool is easy to use. You just need to enter the URL of a website in the given field and click on the search button. The tool will show the redirects made by that website.

Why is it important to use Redirect Checker tool?

Websites with broken links can turn away visitors as they will not trust a site that is littered with broken links. Also, Search Engines penalize sites with lots of broken links. It is very important to maintain the number of broken links on your website at a minimum. This tool allows you to enter multiple URLs and check them for 301 redirects and also gives you the option to download the list of URLs that are not redirecting correctly.

This tool will help you find all the 301 redirects on the domain. If there are no 301 redirects, then it will display a message saying that there are no redirects. It will only show 301 redirects, no other type of redirects can be found using this tool.