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About Server Status Checker

What is Server Status Checker Tool?

Server Status Checker Tool is an online server status checker tool that allows you to send an HTTP or HTTPS request to any kind of server and get its response.

It is a tool to monitor the status of your server, whether it is online or offline, it will also show you the current number of users on your server. This tool is designed for Garry's Mod servers and any other servers running on the same engine (Source Engine).

How does Server Status Checker Tool work?

It is very easy to use our server status checker tool. It’s about entering the domain name (URL) and clicking on the Check button. The results will be displayed in a matter of seconds.

You can use this tool by sending an HTTP or HTTPS request to any kind of server, get its response and view the detailed information about the server. You can also see the status of the server in real-time.

Why do you need to use Server Status Checker tool?

Sometimes it happens that due to some technical reason, your website will be down or might not open at all. In such scenarios, it is always good to know whether your website is down or not. Because if it is down, you should immediately take some action to fix it. If it is not down, then you can relax and wait for some time. This tool gives you information about whether your website is up or down.

Server Status Checker tool performs the simple task of connecting and checking a single IP address from a range of IP addresses that are defined in the tool. If the IP address is alive, Server Status Checker tool will return an HTTP code 200 (OK). If the IP address is dead, Server Status Checker tool will return an HTTP code 503 (Service Unavailable).