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About Page Speed Checker

What is a Page Speed Checker tool?

A page speed checker is an online tool that will analyze your website for your web performance. This tool will then provide you with an analysis of how fast your website loads and the areas of your site that make it slow.

These tools are meant to help you make changes to your website so that it can load faster and can be more user-friendly.

It is based on many factors to check whether the website is performing well or not, such as:

  • Compression of the code
  • IBM Page speed checker tool
  • JavaScript code optimization
  • Connection to database servers
  • Caching static files
  • Page load time and much more

How to use online Page Speed Checker tool?

To use the online Page Speed Checker tool, simply enter the URL of the web page in the above box that you want to test and click the “Check Page Speed Now” button.

Why should you check your website on a page speed checker tool?

  • You want to rank higher in the search engines.
  • Google takes page speed into account when they rank websites.
  • You also don’t want to have a slow website because it will make your visitors leave.
  • Similarly, a slow website can lead to a loss of customers and sales.

How does a Page speed checker tool work?

A Page speed checker tool has an embedded program that is based on Google’s Page speed algorithm. It analyses the web pages that are in control and then displays the results. The results are divided into 5 categories as shown below:

  • Page load time: This category shows how much time it takes for a web page to be loaded completely. The slower the load time, the worse the website will perform.

  • Loading time: This category gives information about how long it takes for a web page to be loaded completely. This differs from page load time which is the total duration of loading of a web page that includes all of its elements. The faster the loading time, the better the website will perform.

  • Optimization: This category shows how well optimized your website is. It shows if you have used CSS and JS files properly, and whether you have used hosting services or not.

  • Bandwidth: This category shows how much bandwidth is consumed by loading a web page and also shows whether your server is capable of handling a large number of requests or not.

  • Redirects: If your website has redirects, then this category will show you where they are located and how long they take to execute.