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What is Email Privacy Tool online?

Email Privacy Tool is a free tool that allows you to encrypt your emails to anyone with a public key. Once encrypted you can safely send your email in the knowledge that your data will only be readable by the person it was sent to.

How does Email Privacy Tool work?

Email Privacy Tool works by encrypting your email before it leaves your computer. The Email Privacy Tool service will then send the encrypted email to the recipient. When they receive your email, they are able to decrypt it using their private key. Email Privacy Tool never handles your decrypted data and does not store any data about you or the recipient of your emails.

What encryption standard does Email Privacy Tool use?

Email Privacy Tool uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in 256-bit encryption mode with SHA256 hashing. AES is an internationally recognized encryption standard and SHA256 is the same hashing algorithm used by Google and other websites. By default, AES256 is used along with SHA256, but if you want to use a different hashing algorithm, you can select it from the drop-down menu when creating a new key pair.

Once you have created a key pair you can then add it to your account, which means that next time you log into the Email Privacy Tool all of your keys will be available for ease of use. You should always use the strongest encryption available when using Email Privacy Tool.


How to assure your Email privacy?

The private key should be kept secret and never revealed to anyone. Anyone who gets a hold of your private key can decrypt your email and impersonate you.

In order to protect your email privacy, you need to make sure that only the intended recipient will be able to decrypt the message. And hence use an encryption method that protects the private key from being tampered with (or otherwise compromised).

Let’s try to understand it:

OpenPGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is an open standard for encrypting and signing messages. It can be used for both email and files. It uses a combination of public-key cryptography and symmetric-key cryptography. The OpenPGP protocol uses the RSA algorithm for public-key cryptography and the ElGamal asymmetric cipher for symmetric-key encryption. The public key method is based on a pair of keys: a public key used to encrypt data and a private key used to decrypt data. The advantage is that both keys are needed to perform these functions, so they cannot be reversed or decrypted by anyone except the owner.