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About Blacklist Lookup

What is Blacklist Lookup?

Blacklist Lookup is an email reputation service, where we check domains and IP addresses to make sure they are not known for spam or other problems.

The Blacklist Lookup service allows you to check if your domain name or IP address is listed in any of the various blacklists. This is a free service (a non-mandatory fee may apply in some cases - see the website for details).

The Blacklist Lookup service will check your domain name or IP address against various blacklists. It is possible that your domain name or IP address is listed in one or more blacklists. If it is, it will appear on the results screen together with the description of your listing(s).

What does Blacklist Lookup do?

It basically uses machine learning to predict if a domain or IP address will have issues sending mail. For example, if a domain has been blacklisted in the past, it will continue to be blocked. Over time, this tool checks many different sources to make sure you’re protected.

What does a good and bad score on Blacklist Lookup mean?

It uses an algorithm to predict the likelihood that a domain or IP address will have issues sending mail. A good score means your domain and IP addresses should have fewer issues sending emails.

A bad score means your domain and IP addresses may have more trouble sending emails.

How do I get better scores on Blacklist Lookup?

It is recommended to follow the Best Practices to reduce the chances of your domain or IP address having delivery issues.

Your goal is to get the best Blacklist Lookup scores. If you have a very low score, it means that you have bad mailing habits. Mails sent by you might be blocked because they are classified as spam. There can be many reasons that cause bad scores on Blacklist Lookup:

  • You are using free email services. These free email services are not good for our mailing business. Why? Because most of them allow spammers to register an account for free. Spammers use these addresses for sending spam emails. So these emails will be blocked and your good mails will be blocked with them. You should not use these free email services at all, even if they are your personal email addresses!
  • You have a very high bounce rate on your emails. A high bounce rate can be a reason to get blocked on Blacklist Lookup because it is classified as spam.
  • You send out the same mail again and again. This can also be a reason to get blacklisted by Blacklist Lookup.
  • You do not add valid information in the mail. Non-valid information means that the mail could be considered spam. For example, if you send out a mail without a subject line or without the main address, it could be considered spam by some email providers.