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Appy Pie’s Plagiarism Checker reviews your content and detects plagiarism. Use the free plagiarism checker (with percentage) and find duplicate text in your documents.

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Why you need Appy Pie’s Free Plagiarism Checker

Every writer needs the inspiration to write. However, writers occasionally ends up writing something they have read before. Do you feel that you have done that? Do you feel that your copy feels similar to someone else’s? Do you feel that the copy you are reviewing might have made this mistake?

Plagiarism is the use of someone else’s existing copy without proper attribution. Even a little plagiarism in your content can have massive consequences for the writer responsible.

To ensure that you don’t plagiarise someone else’s work, it is important that you use a plagiarism checker online to find text you may have plagiarized. Appy Pie provides the best plagiarism checker and plagiarism detector online. Try it for free today!

Check Plagiarism Online with Appy Pie’s Free Plagiarism Checker

Appy Pie provides the best Plagiarism Checker on the Internet. It is a completely free online plagiarism checker with percentage support. The plagiarism checker will provide you the amount of copied text in percentage making it easier to find out how much is plagiarized. Here are some more features that set Appy Pie apart:

Universal document support:

Appy Pie’s plagiarism checker lets you upload documents in any file format that you want. You can even copy-paste the document you want into our text checker. The file formats supported by Appy Pie include .pdf, .txt, .doc, include .pdf, .txt, .doc, .rtf, .docx, .odc and many more.

URL plagiarism checker:

Appy Pie also lets you check for plagiarism through URLs. Simply copy-paste a website URL and the plagiarism detector will review the webpage and look for plagiarized text in your submitted document.

Multi-Language support:

Appy Pie’s free plagiarism checker supports multiple languages apart from English. Right now, Appy Pie supports French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Hindi. Review your documents for plagiarism now!

Plagiarism percentage:

What sets Appy Pie’s Free Plagiarism Checker apart is the plagiarism percentage gauge. This gauge in our plagiarism checker is for teachers and students. They can use it to help improve plagiarised documents and grade documents when needed.

Document highlighting:

Appy Pie’s Plagiarism checker one-ups other plagiarism checkers by highlighting the sentences and phrases in your document that have been plagiarized from similar content on the internet. It helps make it easy to find plagiarized content on your files.

Social sharing:

Use the share button to share your documents through your social channels. The social sharing button allows you to send the plagiarism details to the author of your documents directly.

How Appy Pie Plagiarism Checker works

Here’s how Appy Pie Plagiarism Checker works:

  • 1

    Paste a document

    Once you copy and paste a document, it is read by our tool and sent to the server for plagiarism checking. The server deletes the document once it is done analyzing.

  • 2

    Content analysis

    Your content is analyzed based on its word choice, the use of lexicon, and the tone of the document. The server then compares it with other content with similar keywords on the Internet.

  • 3

    Plagiarism display

    The server then highlights plagiarized phrases in the content and displays a final report back to the user.