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What is the difference between poster and picture?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on December 21, 2020, 8:57 am

There are a number of differences between a poster and a picture. Let’s start with their definition.


A poster is a visual representation of an idea or a message, displayed temporarily for the purpose of promoting it among the mass of viewers. Though, it can have both, text, and picture, but designers are known to make posters with either text or picture only.
A picture is a visual capture of any object, a scene, or a composition taken with the help of a camera or a camera on any digital device including smartphones, iPads, tabs, and more. This picture can either be a personal treasure, an artwork, a commercial work, or even just a mistake.


Posters are used for multiple purposes including advertising, propaganda, protest, awareness etc. With the evolution of the art of poster making, the purpose of posters has also changed drastically. One of the most prominent uses of posters have been and continues to be for political propaganda. Also, it has been used for promotion of movies, travel, events, music groups or bands, affirmations, pin ups, and education.

Pictures have a more personal intent unless used on some other form of media or worked upon with an artistic intent. The idea of taking a picture is to capture an object, a person, a scene, or a composition before using it for any defined purpose. The purpose could be anything from capturing a memorable occasion to use in commercial media.

How to use a picture in a poster?

If you have a picture that you want to use in a poster, it is pretty easy to do so with the poster maker from Appy Pie Design. All you have to do is take a picture, drag it on the canvas and make as many changes as you want, adding any elements including text, logo, borders, and more.

You can use this poster on any digital platform or download it and get it printed in any format you want.

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