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What is a Photo Poster? How to Make a Poster from a Picture?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on February 26, 2021, 2:08 pm

A photo poster usually contains a photograph in the limelight, with some supporting elements like text, iconography etc. if need be. Photo posters can be created for different purposes that can be displayed in multiple locations from residential, official, to business places.

Whether you are planning to print out a precious moment or a picturesque landscape, a product photo or a team photo, a photo poster can be a great addition to your favorite space.

Let’s now discuss how to make a poster from a picture.

  • Plan the poster design

At the start, you would need to plan the design of the poster by zeroing in on details like size, focal point of the design, the margins, mounting etc.

  • Choose photos

Once you have worked out the basic details of the poster design, it is time to select the photos that you want to add to your photo poster and edit your photos. It could be a single large photo, or a combination of photos to be put together in one composition.

Once you have edited your photos and are ready to start creating your poster, it is time to upload your photos on the poster maker from Appy Pie Design. The cloud-based storage makes it easy to sync your design across devices and even collaborate with as many people as you like.

  • Choose a layout or design your own

Once you have all the elements of your poster ready with you, it is time to start putting them in a layout. The poster maker from Appy Pie Design offers a number of well-designed templates that can be used for your photo poster, or you can design one of your own.

  • Tweak the design

After you have placed all the elements in the chosen layout, you can further tweak the design of the poster by moving the elements around, adding your brand logo, some text, adding a background, or changing the entire color theme.

  • Print it out

Once you are happy with the result, you can save the photo poster you just made, on the cloud or download it on your device in the PNG format. Now, all you need to do is – print it out, frame it and display it in a space of your choice.


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