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What is a Good Poster Design? What Makes a Good Poster Design?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on February 26, 2021, 2:11 pm

A good poster design has certain traits. Let us discuss what makes a good poster design.

  • Readability

Posters are displayed in spaces that may demand readability from a distance as well. This means whatever you are going to write on it must be clearly visible to the passersby or the viewers who are a little way away from the poster itself.
This is particularly true for the headline, which must be big and readable, yet attractive enough for people to get attracted to and read quickly before they have to squint and try really hard.

  • Contrast

Contrast is more than a mere adjustment feature in your photo editor app. While designing a poster, it is a good idea to think of elements that present a good contrast. Though contrast is best achieved through colors, other elements like size, shapes, lines, textures, and more can be used to create interesting contrasts as well. For example, placing a tiny element next to a massive shape gives you an interesting contrast. Similarly, you can create a nice contrast using extreme visual textures that are wildly different but create an interesting composition together.

  • Scalability

While designing a poster, you must remember that it should have the ability to be reproduced and used in a variety of sizes. Hence the layout and the overall design of the poster must be done in such a way that it can be translated to any size without losing the essence of the design, its visual appeal, or readability of the content on it.

  • Use of space

On a poster, it is not necessary that you fill up every inch of space with elements. Using negative space in the right way can make your poster look appealing even from a distance as it lays great emphasis on the primary element on your poster.

  • Call to action

The whole point of making people read your poster or even look at it is because you eventually want them to take an action. It could be about visiting an event, buy something you have to offer them, participate in a campaign, register for your webinar, or learn more about a cause or concern.


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