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What is the best photo editing app?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on May 13, 2021, 8:59 am

Appy Pie Design’s photo editor is the best photo editing app. The photo editor app from Appy Pie Design is intuitive and has quite a shallow learning curve. This free online photo editor lets you filter, edit, or resize your photos without spending any money.

The features in the photo editor may seem simple or mundane, but the defining difference is that this is the only platform that offers all these wonderful features for free. Let us discuss in detail.

  • The photo editor has all the basic features including zoom, crop, rotate, brightness, contrast, color saturation, and background remover
  • It offers features like Red Eye Remover that can help you tweak your photos to perfection
  • Finer detailed features like RGB adjust let you use virtual filters to correct the red, green, and blue levels in the photograph for realistic effect or creative filtered looks
  • You can make your photos look distinctive and fun with engaging stickers that can be added simply by dragging and dropping it where it looks the best
  • Adding text artistically to a photograph can enhance the overall look of the photo and convert it into an artwork
  • A well-designed border can not only artistically frame your photographic composition, but it can also enhance the overall quality of the image as well
  • There would always be pictures that don’t quite have the right background you are looking for, in your composition. This is where the photo editor comes in. The photo editor lets you cut out the background and crop out elements of an image using the AI based Snipper tool so that you get just the right picture

Appy Pie’s photo editor is preferred by professionals and amateurs alike for its simplicity and the ease of use it offers. The platform does not save anything you work on, but deletes it as soon as you end the browsing session, letting you rest easy that your photos would not end up in the wrong hands.


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