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What is the best free photo editing software?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on May 7, 2021, 6:53 am

Appy Pie’s Photo Editor is the best free photo editing software. It is a part of Appy Pie Design and can act as a standalone tool for correcting all kinds of pictures, whether those are your holiday photos or images for your website.

No matter how great you are at photography, there would always be photos that would have some minor problems. Using Appy Pie’s Photo Editor you can take care of these minor issues in your perfect photograph and make it stand out!

Here is a list of the features that make this free photo editing software the best.

  • Free basic tools 

Some of the most basic tools present in Appy Pie’s Photo Editor can help you transform ordinary photographs into something special. Here is a list of all the basic tools offered by the platform for free.

  • Zoom – Take a closer look at your photograph or zoom out for the big picture. 
  • Crop – Crop the photograph to cut out the unnecessary details 
  • Rotate – Change the orientation or straighten a crooked picture easily
  • Brightness – Correct the brightness level to make the subjects shine through
  • Contrast – Adjust the contrast levels of the picture to bring out the true colors
  • Color Saturation – Adjust the saturation levels to give a muted tone or add vibrance
  • Photo correction features

We have all taken photos that are near perfect, except for that one little flaw. Photo correction features in Appy Pie’s Photo Editor takes care of these flaws for you

  • Red eye removal – Get rid of the annoying red eye with just a click
  • RGB adjustment – Improve the color balance with the RGB color adjuster 
  • Add elements

Some pictures can become a lot more engaging when you get creative with them. Appy Pie’s Photo Editor lets you add some fun elements to make the photographs memorable and worth sharing

  • Fun stickers – Add stickers to photos and make them pop out
  • Expressive fonts – Add text in interesting fonts to put your thoughts out
  • Add borders – Choose the right border to frame your photograph
  • Remove background – Remove the unsightly background and let the foreground make impact

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