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What is a Watermark Logo? Uses of a Watermark Logo

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on May 7, 2021, 8:23 am

The logo you just designed with Appy Pie Design can be used easily as a watermark logo. It can have text, image, shapes, or anything else you want to add to your watermark. A watermark logo is something that is superimposed onto an image or document with high transparency. A watermark does not interrupt the visual of the image that it is superimposed on and has a very subtle presence without taking anything away from the actual image or document.

A watermark logo on an image is placed with the intent to exert authority or ownership on any document or image. It is often used by online stores, freelancers, or small businesses to make sure that their work is protected as they promote it and circulate it for business.

To create a watermark logo, you must first start with a logo on a transparent background. With Appy Pie’s easy to use logo maker, you can create beautiful logos on a transparent background in minutes, without any formal design education or software training. Make sure that you download your logo in the PNG format.

Historically watermarks were used in the print, and its first use dates as far back as the 13th century. At the time, watermarks were made by changing the thickness of wet paper and make a mark, thus earning the name. Even today, watermarks in print are used in signing banknotes and other important documents like passports, envelopes, stamps and more.

Though the roots of the use of watermark lay in print, but it is quite commonly used now in the digital works. Using a watermark logo, artists can protect their portfolio of work, businesses can protect their intellectual property from being stolen or misused, and professionals can assert their ownership on their work while giving prospects a point of contact, should they want to employ their services.

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