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What are the Benefits of Loyalty Card Feature for Businesses?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on October 19, 2021, 7:47 am

Loyalty Card:
A Loyalty Card is generally an incentive program that allows businesses to offer amazing discount coupons, and other rewards to the customers on their products and services, in exchange for their voluntary involvement in the program.
Benefits of Loyalty Card for businesses

The benefits of Loyalty Card for businesses is to generate repeat business by offering customers something amazing and valuable, so that they keep on returning for more.

In addition, a Loyalty Card also offer a myriad of other benefits discussed below:
  • Boosts Businesses Growth and Reputation
  • Increases Sales and Revenue
  • Retain Existing Customers and Acquire New Customers
  • Build Relationships and Improves Customers Lifetime Value
  • Reduces Promotional Costs
  • Create Brand Advocates

Appy Pie’s Loyalty Card Feature
  • Incorporate all the existing paper and plastic cards into your app without any
  • worry to lose them
  • Instant access and verification
  • Existing Offers to Select from, based on Stamps
  • Reusable or One-Time Access Only
  • Mid and Final Freebie Option
  • Set Daily Limit per user
  • Set Validity Period for Loyalty Card
  • Validation via Pin or Manual Check-In

            Via Pin

                      1) Single Code Validation for all users with optional multiple redeem choice
                      2) Unique Codes Validation for each user based on QR codes


            Via Manual Check-In based on User’s Location
                      1) Manual Invoice Validation
                      2) Screenshot Invoice Validation

How businesses can use Appy Pie’s Loyalty Card feature?
With our Loyalty Card feature integrated in your app, you can convert your first-time customers into loyal customers by providing them exciting rewards on their specific number of purchases while visiting your store.
Attract more customers by offering mid-freebies (rewards offered after a certain number of purchases) and final freebies (rewards offered on final purchase).


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