I changed/updated my app icon and/or background image/splash screen but the changes don't reflect on my App?

When you change the app name/icon/splash/orientation/package name this means that our platform has to rebuild your app.

For rebuild request, Either you have to send an email to support@appypie.com with your app Name or you can notify Chat support.

Once your app is successfully rebuild then your will get an email from our platform confirming the same its then you need to un-install the current app on your mobile devices and re-install the newly re-built apps and on successful installation the changes with your app name/icon/splash/orientation will reflect. If your apps are already live on app store, this means we will have to resubmit your app stores and on approval the changes should reflect on your live apps as well.

For Resubmission request go to My App>>Go Live>>iPhone>>Resubmit App.

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