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How to integrate Estimote Beacon with Appy Pie App?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on December 17, 2020, 5:46 am

Step 1: Modify UUID, Major, and Minor values

Every Estimote Beacon ships with an unique ID that you are free to modify. By default, the beacon’s ID is in iBeacon format and consists of three values: UUID, Major and Minor. Beacons broadcast their iBeacon ID, which can then be recognized by mobile apps to trigger specific actions. UUID is fixed, Major and Minor are randomized.

Default UUID: B9407F30-F5F8-466E-AFF9-25556B57FE6D

It's also possible to switch between iBeacon and Eddystone formats. When using Eddystone, a beacon is no longer broadcasting UUID, Major, and Minor values. They’re replaced either with Eddystone-UID (consisting of Namespace and Instance values) or Eddystone-URL (consisting of a URL address).

To better understand the difference between iBeacon and Eddystone, visit our Developer Portal.

Can I use the same ID on multiple beacons?

Yes, you can set the same combination of UUID, Major, and Minor on as many beacons as you want.

There are some ways to change the iBeacon ID:

1) Estimote app

Changing iBeacon ID with the Estimote App:

To change the iBeacon ID follow below steps:

  • Launch the Estimote app
  • Open the Devices screen
  • Log into your Estimote Account
  • Choose the List view and tap on tap on a beacon you want to edit
  • Go to "Packets&: and pick iBeacon
  • Tap on UUID/Major/Minor and input the new value
  • In the case of UUID, you can either manually input a new value or generate it through Estimote Cloud. Remember that if someone else has already claimed a specific UUID for their beacons, our collision detection system will prevent anyone else from using the same one. We explain it in more detail in the Can I claim a UUID for myself? article.

All changes will be automatically saved in Estimote Cloud.

2) Estimote Cloud

Changing iBeacon ID with Estimote Cloud then select the beacons you want to edit. Input new values, save changes, and that's it!

Step 2: Login in to your Appy Pie account then go to My App>>Beacon

Step 3: Click on +Add New Beacon Button

Step 4: Now Add New Beacon screen will appear, there you have to fill following values in the respective fields:

Beacon Name *

(You can assign any name to your Beacon)

Beacon UUID *

(Provide your modified/updated Beacon ID)

Major *

Minor *

Note: Initially you can fill 1,0 as the value of Major and Minor.

Step 5: Click on the Settings from the Right-Most-Corner.

Step 6: Now Configuration Beacon option will open. There you can write your message which will be delivered to your App Users.


Step 7: From Advanced Setting section you can manage your Notification Interval Frequency and which action (opening page or do nothing) to be perform.

Step 8: Click “Save”.

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