How to setup Firebase database for enabling chat in Chat Room

How to setup Firebase database for enabling chat in Chat Room?

Follow below mentioned steps to easily setup Firebase database and enable chat in Chat Room :

Step 1 : Go to Firebase

Step 2 : If you have a Firebase account, Signin, else SignupStep 3 : Click on Get Started Step 4 : Click on Create a ProjectStep 5 : Enter your project name and tick mark the checkbox to accept terms and conditionsStep 6 : Click on ContinueStep 7 : Select "Set up Google Analytics for my project" and click on ContinueStep 8 : Open Configure Google Analytics dropdown menuStep 9 : Choose your Google Analytics account or create a new account, and click on Create ProjectStep 10 : Click on ContinueStep 11 : Click on Add Firebase to your web app Step 12 : Enter App nickname Step 13 : Click on Register appStep 14 : Click on Continue to Console Step 15 : Click on Build menuStep 16 : The Build dropdown menu will open on the left hand side panel, click on AuthenticationStep 17 : Click on Get StartedStep 18 : Click on Anonymous Step 19 : Enable Anonymous Step 20 : Once done, click on Save button Step 21 : In build menu on the left hand side panel, click on Realtime databasStep 22 : Click on Create database Step 23 : Select Realtime database location by click on dropdown menu and after select click on next Step 24 : Click on Enable Step 25 : Click on Rules Step 26 : Delete the entire code Step 27 : Now enter the following code, and click on Publish

  "rules": {
    ".read": "auth != null",
    ".write": "auth != null"
Step 28 : Click on cog icon
Step 29 : Click on Project settings
Step 30 : Scroll down the screen Here is your apiKey, authDomain, databaseURL and storageBucket. Copy all the keys
Step 31 : Paste the copied keys in My Apps >> Editor >>Chat>>Chat Room>>Enter API Key, AuthDomain , Database URL and Storage Bucket section.

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