How to setup Firebase database for enabling chat in Chat Room?

Follow below mentioned steps to easily setup Firebase database:

Step 1 : Go to Firebase

Step 2 : If you have a Firebase account, Signin, else Signup


Step 3 : Click on Get Started 



Step 4 : Click on Add Project


Step 5 : Enter specific details, and click on Create Project


Step 6 : Click on Continue


Step 7 : Click on Add Firebase to your web app 


Step 8 : A popup Add Firebase to your web app will appear showing ApiKey, AuthDomain and DatabaseURL

Step 9: Copy appropriate keys and paste them in My Apps >> Editor >>Chat>>Chat Room>>Enter apiKey, AuthDomain and DatabaseURL section.


Step 10 : Click on Develop menu


Step 11 : The Develop dropdown menu will open on the left hand side panel, click on Authentication


Step 12 : Click on Sign-in Method, then enable Anonymous 


Step 13 : Once done, click on Save button 


Step 14 : In Develop menu on the left hand side panel, click on Database 

Step 15 : Click on Get Started 


Step 16 : Click on Enable 


Step 17 : Click on Rules 


Step 18 : Delete the entire code 

Step 19 : Now enter the following code, and click on Publish

  "rules": {
    ".read": "auth != null",
    ".write": "auth != null"

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