How to integrate Pocket Tools feature to your Appy Pie App?

Pocket-tool contains utility tools which you can integrate into your app. Most of the feature are native under pocket-tool.

Each tool is independent, you can add only one or can add all tools into your app

Lets see how you can do it.

Add Pocket-tool page into your app.

As you can see there are several features or tools listed.

Lets check each one by one.

Camera, to integrate this you need to provide name this tool and click anywhere out side of the text box for and it will be added into your app.

As its native feature that’s why you are getting this message but once you check your app on your mobile device it will open your mobile camera directly from the app

Next is Location, through this feature your app user can view their current location in app once you access it in mobile device

Next is Calculator, by integrating this feature to make calculator available in your app

Mortage Calculator, to calculate mortgage payment

GPA calculator, to calculate grade point average

Scanner, to allow app user to scan from with in app

Sound Recorder, to allow user to record audio

Weather, allow user to check weather from app

Video recorder, to allow user to record video

Torch, to open native torch from app

Take notes directly form app

Pedometer, helps app user to calculate no. of steps, which can be useful in health app

Coloring Book, which will be helpful for kids, you can customise its look and feel of it too.

Currency converter, allow user to check price in in different currency

Stock Market, to get insight of stocks

Countdown, Allows you can set reminders for your app user for specific event

Provide Event title, Timezone, Date and Time

You can set a predefined text alert message which will be delivered to your app user before countdown ends

Also you can set alert message once countdown ends

Next is sticker, Just to inform you sticker feature only works in iOS devices message app. Through it you can add a custom sticker library every iOS user message app

Keep a note that, Your iOS app will be automatically re-built, everytime you upload or remove the images. Please ensure the file extension should be PNG or MOTN only and maximum file size allowed is 512KB

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