How to get Client Id and Secret Key from Razorpay

How to get Client Id and Secret Key from Razorpay?

Follow below mentioned steps to get Client Id, Live Secret Key from Razorpay :

Step 1: Go to Razorpay

Step 2: If you have a Razorpay account , login, else Signup

Step 3: Click on Settings

Step 4: Click on API Keys

Step 5: Click on Generate Test Key 

Step 6: The Client Id and Secret Key will appear. Copy these keys
 and click on OK

Step 7: Now paste the keys in their appropriate fields as highlighted

Step 8: Click on Webhooks

Step 9: Click on Add new webhook

Step 10: Enter Webhook URL , Secret key , Alert Email and tick mark the checkbox in Active Event then click on create Webhook
Note :In Webhook URL please enter this URL:

Step 11: Here you can see the status is Enabled.
Note: This is in Test Mode, so only test data is shown. To start making live transactions, activate your account by clicking the Test Mode dropdown menu.

Step 12: Click on Live mode

Step 13: Enter the required details to activate your account.



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