How to get Instagram Client ID and Client Secret Key

How to get Instagram Client ID and Client Secret Key?

Follow below mentioned steps to easily obtain Instagram Client ID and Client Secret Key :

Step 1: Go to Instagram and click on Log In
Step 2: If you have created an account with Instagram, enter your credentials to log in, else create an account by clicking on Sign Up. You can even log in with your Facebook account
Step 3: Click on Manage Clients
Step 4: Click on Register a New Client
Step 5: Provide all of the information such as Application Name, Description, Company Name, Website URL, Valid Redirect URLs, Privacy Policy URL and Contact Email
Step 6: Once you are finished, click on Register
Step 7: Click on Manage
Step 8: Here is your Instagram Client ID and Client Secret Key. Copy them
Step 9: Now paste both Client ID and Secret Key in their respective fields on the creator software

Step 10: Click on Security tab

Step 11: Uncheck Disable implicit OAuth
Step 12: Click on Permissions tab

Step 13: Click on Start a submission to submit your app for Instagram review

Step 14: Under Permissions Review, select My app allows people to login with Instagram and share their own content

Step 15: Under How does your app use the Instagram API, copy and paste the following text -

"We are a DIY app builder allowing users to create Android and iOS apps of their own without any coding . We have integrated Instagram API on our builder to ensure users can integrate their Instagram profile into their app."

While in Video Screencast URL field, enter this URL -
Step 16: Click on Submit
Step 17: Click on Manage tab
Step 18: Click on Permissions tab to view app status


Step 19: Under Review Status, you will see "Pending Review" status. The status will change from Pending to Approved once Instagram support verifies your request. Once successfully verified, the Instagram page will seamlessly work on your mobile app

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