How to enable Touch ID on iPhone?

The Touch ID of Apple is very important as it protects your iPad or iPhone, letting you access only by using fingerprint. Those who have the latest iPhone or iPad, this is how you are supposed to setup, enable and disable the features. Overview of set up are as follows:

  1. Tap the Settings icon on your iPad and iPhone.

  2. Scroll down your phone’s screen and select the setting of Passcode and Touch ID.

  3. To add your fingerprint, you have to tap your setting. In the next screen, you have to continue giving your finger print repeatedly at the Home button. After this, the final screen of the phone will record and capture the edge of your fingerprint.

  4. After registration of your finger print, the next will inform you that the Touch ID is ready. To proceed, tap the “Continue” button.

You require to set up a pass code which will swerve alternatively in case of security method. If by any chance the phone denies your finger print, then this code will help you to operate.

  1. Choose a 4 digit number and press the enter button to confirm it. Your passcode and Touch ID both are set up now.

Finger 1 is listed in the finger prints section. If you wish, you can add fingerprints. For instance, if you want your thumb and forefinger to be registered as well as of the other hand, this can be done.

  1. Simply select the “add a fingerprint” setting button and repeat the above given step. The next step will be to enable Touch ID for one of the three functions – Apple Pay, App Store, iPhone Unlock and/or iTunes.

  2. At the top part of your Passcode screen & Touch ID that you want to protect using Touch ID, allowing iPhone unlock will need you to use Touch ID for accessing your iPhone whenever it goes in sleep mode. Allowing Apple Pay will confirm purchase using mobile payment system. Enabling App Store & iTunes allows you buy with Apple’s mobile stores without requirement of any kind of password.

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