How to enable SMS facility for sending messages about orders placed?

  1. Go to the Dashboard area and select My Apps.
  2. In the My Apps section, select Order Food feature of your restaurant app.
  3. In the Order Food section, click on General Settings tab and select Configuration Settings from the right side menu.
  4. Go to SMS section in the Configuration Settings.
  5. Here, you need to provide Account SID, Auth Token, and the number from which you wish to send the messages.
  6. A tutorial present on the right side of the listing will guide you in obtaining the API key and Secret key.
  7. Once you have got both the keys, fill the details in the provided text box.
  8. For Mobile No., you can visit Twilio, search a new number and purchase it.

(Note- You need to upgrade your Twilio account for purchasing a new phone number.)

  1. Now, enter the phone number in the provided text box and click on Save button to save the changes.


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