How to enable Fax facility for sending faxes related to food orders?

  1. Go to the Dashboard area and select My Apps.
  2. In the My Apps section, select Order Food feature of your restaurant app.
  3. In the Order Food section, click on General Settings tab and go to the Fax area.
  4. Here, you need to provide a few details like Fax No., Mode, API key, and Secret Key.
  5. You can follow the Tutorial present on the right side of the listing to obtain API Key and Secret Key without any hassle.
  6. Once you have obtained API key and Secret Key, fill the keys in the text box and change the mode to live.
  7. For Fax No., you can visit Phaxio, purchase a new Phone number, and enter Call Back URL.
  8. Once done, click on Save button to save the changes.


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