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How to add Twilio SMS service into your app?

Follow steps below to easily add Twilio SMS service into your app:

Step 1 :  Go to Twilio

Step 2 : Click on Sign up

Step 3 : Enter your information and verify the captcha

Step 4 : Click on Get Started

Step 5 : Enter your phone number and click on Verify

Step 6 : Enter the verification code and click on Submit

Step 7 : Here you will see some questions for customizing your experience. If you want, you can answer them or skip to dashboard

Step 8 : Click on Get a Trial Number

Step 9 : A popup showing a number will appear. If you want, you can search for a different number, or you can choose this number

Step10 : You will see your new phone number. Copy it and click on Done

Step 11 : Here are your Account SID and Auth Token keys. Copy them too and click on three-dot icon present on the left most side of your dashboard

Step 12 : Under Communications Cloud, click on Programmable Messaging.

Step 13 : You will be redirected to the Programmable Messaging dashboard. Now, click here

Step 14 : Click on Try SMS on the sidebar
Step 15 : Click on Get Setup for creating Messaging Service and adding Twilio Phone Number
 Step 16 : Click on Start Setup.
 Step 17 : A pop-up will open. Enter the Messaging Service Name and click on Create Messaging Service.
Step 18 : Provision and add an SMS-capable Twilio phone number. Select an existing phone number or search for a different number. Once done, click on Add this Number.
Step 19 : Once your setup is complete, you will see the confirmation text and your account information. Now, click on Try SMS to send an SMS.
Step 20: You can send a test SMS to your registered number or the number that you provide on the phone number field. Select the Messaging Service SID and enter the message in the body field.
Step 21: Once you have provided the details, click on Send Test SMS and an SMS will be sent to the provided phone number

Step 22 : You will see the success message. Now click on Upgrade Project

  • Please note a newly created Twilio projects gets a free trial for testing the services. You need to upgrade your project in order to enjoy the Twilio SMS services without any restrictions.

Step 23 : Enter your card details and click on Upgrade account

Step 24 : Now paste both the keys in their respective fields and phone number in from number field on creator software

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