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How to deploy your inquiry chatbot on telegram ?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on November 17, 2021, 12:13 pm

Following are the steps to deploy inquiry chatbot on telegram:

Step 1
Install telegram on your device. Login to your telegram account from this link:
If you do not have a telegram account, sign up at
Step 2
Enter your code that you received from telegram on your device.
Step 3
Once signed in, follow this link to start a chat with BotFather, which will guide you.
You can also look it up in Telegram App: @BotFather

Step 4

  1. Start a chat by using the /start command, type it in chat or pick in the menu.
  2. Use a command /newbot and follow the directions of the @BotFather, enter the name of your new bot.
  3. After the successful creation of the bot, you will be provided with a token.

Step 5
Now copy and paste the access token from your telegram message into the bot token field on your Appy pie chatbot’s Deploy bot in a messaging platform section

Step 6
Now you can talk to your bot by clicking on the bot link which will take you to the respective bot page.


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