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YouTube Thumbnail Design Project (Creative)

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March 31, 2022

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Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello and welcome back so now we will be designing our second thumbnail project okay and this one is gonna be a lot more creative and a lot more difficult but don't worry I'll talk you through it and you'll do fine so first of all Lister's click on the design that we made for our first fun nail this one to stick would type faster so let's click that and let it load up and then we're gonna click add a new page so this would be our second design just here so we've got our first one here and our second here so first of all it's going to choose a nice layout so to scroll through all of them and pick the one which you like the best I am going to pick one which I think will be good for me and I think I'm going to do it for a how-to video so it's gonna be a video that I've already made and it's just gonna be for example how to la dee da da da so how to do something okay so what we're going to do is pick this one just here because that looks very nice and I like it a lot okay so the first thing we're going to do is just sort out the background image so what you could do is change it so that it's a color or a little style like this so it could be like this first we need to delete the image sorry about that there we go to delete that so you could just have it so it's a style like that and so click on any of these and it's just all done for you like this so you could just click it and it's done and that looks very nice I like that a lot this background style goes very very well with this textile and I like it a lot but don't worry we're not gonna be doing that we'll be doing a lot more work than just changing the background colors and leaving everything else as it is so yeah let's first of all just look for an image which will be perfect okay so what we need to do to add a new background image if you have to lead to the old one its first of all go to elements and then go to grits and then pick the one which covers the entire frame okay so this one as you can see has a border and if you don't this border around the outside all you need to do is resize it to the correct size for this full image that we're doing here so there you go that will now cover everything so if you now go to images and then type in anything you want somes gonna type in Macbook because I'll get a picture of a Macbook slide that in and there you go it covers the entire background okay so it was just like this and it was just covering a small amount and you had a border as you can see like that and that is what it looked like before with this border and I do like that border to be honest and if you want the border to be a different color once again just change the background color and the border will be the color or for the background okay so hopefully that's nice and understandable and that looks very nice that's really cool okay so what we're going to be doing next is adding some text adding some styles and it's adding some more detail okay so let's delete these as we have this text in here when we do we do it to you on that okay so all we needed to do was to go to arrange and then back like this so it's behind everything else but we don't actually want to keep this image so it's going to lead to anyway so don't worry about that now of course if you don't like the design that you've made you can always click onto a different layout and restart your design process and design something completely different if you want to but I don't want to Psalms clear it's a background pick a nice background and then we'll move on to the text styling and some one okay so let's just pick a nice background here I think this works quite cool but it's money and its first it's money its money and it costs a dollar so I'm not going to pick that one that's funny actually it's money in the picture and it costs you a dollar yes it's ironic so let's just pick this one on this one I'd say this one is it's got a bit of a style to it it's got some strokes down as you can see if i zoom in with this button just here you can see that there are some lines down it so it's got a it's got a nice style to it so it's quite nice so that's awesome okay so now we've got the text you can always make these boxes bigger or smaller however you like it to be okay and you can also make this text a different font a different size a different color you can make it not bold you can make it italic although this font can't go italic so just note that you can align it to the center or to the right or to the left you can make so it's all caps or all lowercase there you go like so and then you can put the text into a list like so so that'll put it into a bullet point list and then you can finally change the spacing like so so the letter spacing the line height and the anchor text box okay so that's fantastic and that's what it will look like with the letter spacing you will need to make the Box larger for the spacing to actually work so as you can see there you go all right so that's awesome so let's just undo that now put it back how it was like so fantastic and Center again there you go so that is exactly how it was so we now know the basics of styling your text and so on and so forth so we have the text just here we have the background and for the simplicity of this video average you going to change the background to this one here so it's just a lot more plain and easy to see what an image we're now going to go to elements and then clothes grids and go to shapes okay and then pick up a circle and there's many different designs you can do with circles squares rectangles triangles anything but you can just just use your creativity really because it's different for everyone your own creativity is different everyone else's okay so all you need to do is change this color to the same color as the background well pretty much the same anyway and as you can see some of these look better or worse where it's not going over the background as if you pull out over the background you can see the colors are different but I put it over the white you can't really see the difference that's another thing to note so that's quite cool so let's just put that like that or like that however you want it okay so that looks looks awesome you can even make this circle smaller than the other one and just place in like that and that is then centered and that looks quite cool I like that and then hover over them both click control D that would duplicate this a little style we've made just here and you can then put it down here so it's the same over here and then you could duplicate that again if you wanted and put it higher up so it's here as well there you go so that's quite a nice it was style there that we've made I think that looks very nice I like it a lot to be honest it's very nice and it suits the actual thumbnail design as well so it's awesome and then let's duplicate this one more time and plot this in up here where should we have it about here looks good and then duplicate it again put one down here like so it's line it up nicely there we go that's all lined up and they go just a it's just a really nice tile to be honest it's just something that you can make on your own you don't need any creativity you don't need any skill it's just really really fun to do as well because everything is different everyone's creativity is different it's all up to your own imagination really so now we can just get a few different triangles I'll put one in here like this and I'll duplicate this one and I'll make that one smaller fit me to make this quite a bit smaller actually for this one make it a bit better there yeah and then change this to the color of the background like this there you go that looks awesome and then we can duplicate that fit over here duplicate that put it in the middle duplicate and make sure it's all lined up and there you go fantastic and I'll take one more and let's put it in a bit of these two it doesn't matter how many you do you can just plop them in everywhere to be honest with you so there you go to put another one in there and there you go so that's awesome that's fantastic so if you look at this all actually is if I just take this and drag it all it is is a tiny little triangle and a huge triangle put together and then I've just put them up here like that so it's really really simple but it looks really good I really like it to be honest so then we can of course change the text so anything you want so this one is a thumbnail design so how to make that books do a bigger first let's just put that there design a and then make this box here smaller the background of it and then this word will be thumbnail there you go fantastic and let's grab this and make it bigger and some of this text make it all fit in very nice so how awesome does that look how to design a thumbnail now let's make this smaller like so send to it old very nice I really like this it's really simple but really good and these are the different design side ways you can do and you can also do something with squares as well so let's grab our square just here and let's just Chuck this in into the corner over here let's just make this square bit small I think actually and then Chuck into the corner it's a little black line at the bottom make sure there's no black lines anywhere duplicate it on skin make it the same color as the background and for this let's not make it small like let's just overlap it like this so let's just put it like that or that or anything really no cheat it's this really obscure creativity designing isn't really skill is just how creative you are so the best designers are the most creative people in my opinion anyway sorry about that some random sirens going past my house right in case you grab them and just make it always smaller like so making sure there's no black lines around the outside there you go very nice grab them duplicate it put it here like so duplicate it same thing again line it all up there you go so how awesome does that look another little design style we've done such tier and it looks fantastic oh we didn't grab the other black square just then let's try and grab that back real quick there we go grab that as well awesome see there we go another design we've made it just looks super cool so let's make sure that it's centered I think Hays I'm pretty sure it is so now let's just grab all three of them duplicate and just pluck that up here like so and there you go so there is another little style oh it's annoying when you select annoying thing of course so let's make sure we're selecting what we actually want just not quite quite everything but we can grab that in a second there we go fantastic I'm happy with this I'm very have to of it so it's just loads of different designs it doesn't have to have the exact same gap in between every single one of these squares it can be different it can be jagged you can do absolutely anything you want to okay it's really up to your own creativity what you're doing this so yeah take note of that the more creative you are the better designs you'll have in this website it's really all up to your imagination so let's just make that looks a bit smaller let's grab this jug this over here and then grab this Chuck this over let's see put this down here and then grab that line up with the thumbnail one there we go that's lined up and there you go so the gap between the word design and the word how to isn't perfect there so let's try and make that a bit better there we go grab that and I'll grab that and move that up a little bit as well there we go I think that's better it's just really up to whatever you want it all depends on what you are designing of course all depends on who you are on what you want to make and everything like that yeah so it all just depends so as you can see I've just moved this this black circle here and you can move any one of them that you want just to change the style a bit more just change it up make the lines in different sizes different shapes yeah so that's that that is all you need to do to be creative just let your mind go free to be honest so this is our other design through a thumbnail that we've made it's very simple this one but it looks really awesome so I really like it to be honest so I'm going to duplicate all of these and I'm going to put this down here like this and I'm just going to leave it like that so it's just like jagged edges so of course we haven't we can't see the little black triangles but we kind of see some more jagged edges at the bottom so this is another completely different style with the same thing but it's the other side of it so yeah as you can see it's super awesome to make loads of different designs it's now let's grab another circle and what I'm going to do is just circle the a so I'm going to make this the same color as that and range oh wait audio is forward so don't need to do that and now I'm just gonna circle da just because I can don't have to PI can't because it's just fun there you go so now that a is circled fantastic so that's that you can do absolutely anything you want to now if you think about it it kind of looks like an O so what you could do is put it over the O so I'll make this a little bit smaller just put it over the top of the O or even put it inside some of these circles so if I make this white again and just enlarge it you see I mean just random just be completely random now this isn't a really professional thumbnail because I've got a few different design styles in one image so it looks a bit silly right now but if you just stuck with the same design style and did it over and over again if you're happy with it or changed it up every single thumbnail you did for your YouTube channel or anything really because it's all up to your own unique design style and your own unique creativity really so yeah hopefully you like what I've designed and if you want you can submit all your designs in Twitter Facebook social media and I will just tell you if I like them and you can ask for help if you need to and anything really yeah I just want to be there to help you guys so yes fantastic hopefully all enjoyed this video it's a super simple one but it's also super awesome so yeah that's all for this video hopefully you enjoyed it and hopefully you had a great time now what we're going to do is just rename this to creative there we go and then you can download it just by clicking download and selecting file you want to download as the type file type and then you can just select file - as this is the one we've just designed and then click download as that's fantastic of course we want a JPEG as it's a thumbnail and it will look best and yeah so that's that that is all for this video I hopefully you enjoyed it and hopefully you had a great time I will see you in the next one thanks for watching and goodbye.

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