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March 31, 2022

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Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello and welcome back in this video I'm gonna give you a quick overview of canvas so you know what everything is and how to use your so let's get straight into it first of all if you go to this will be the page that you get to as you can see you want to sign up we have facebook google or with your email address I've already done that I've cited up my main email address as you can see my username password my email and my password is already there try to either click login but yeah all you need to do is click sign up with Facebook if you want you to Facebook obviously if you want it's Google you can use Google and then the one that most people would use is signing up with your email address so yeah just click that and then start signing up once you're done head over and login and I'll do that now and we'll get to the same screen so login and now I am logged in ok so once you've logged in these designs here you will not see any of these these are all things that I've made I made this in another canva course actually that was published a few months ago from the day of recording this video yeah so these have already been made in a nother course but in this course what we're going to be doing is making YouTube thumbnails but before that we're going to be given an overview of this entire website I was going to say program but it's not really is it because it's just all online it's absolutely fantastic they also have an app on iOS and Android so you can use your iPhone or your iPad or your Android phone or your tablet and you can do it all from there as well the apps don't have as many features though so I'd always recommend using the website so let's get straight into it first of all as you can see here on the left you've got your email address your account that you've signed up with your email address Account Settings personal profile none of that is too important so you can skip past that and then you have notifications which is just random updates and things like that and then you have create a design I've never used that button once so you can ignore that as you're going to want to use other buttons instead so we'll get into that in a second and then we have all of your designs which is this patreon now shared with you which is where someone has shared a design with you create a team which is what you can do if the paid subscription to canva so the pro version but you're not going to need that so don't worry ignore create a team your brand journey to use the iver and then explore templates that's just where you can get even more templates but you don't even need so you can also skip past that and then we have add new folder so you can actually put all your different designs into folders but I've not really bothered doing that because it's not really that important and then finally you have trash which is where if you go to this little arrow here and click move to trash it will just move it to trash so it's not in your main page and it will then be out of the way so that is absolutely fantastic okay so then as you can see here these are all your main designs as soon as you click create on a design on a template story it will save it to your design page so this is aware all your designs are on the home page so let's get into creating a design as you can see at the top here it says create your design logo all of these are presets that are there for you but this is not all of them if you want to pick more just here it will load up absolutely all of them so that's absolutely fantastic as you can see here you've got the popular ones social media posts documents and then blogging in ebooks marketing materials social media and email headers events and finally ads or adverts so yeah that is all of them so it's absolutely fantastic there's loads of different presets so we are just going to click on a YouTube thumbnail we're not going to be making one in this video we're just going to be going over everything there is which is really easy to do as this program is fantastic oh I'll just call it program so it no it's not it's a website so as you can see here these are all the pre-made layouts you can just click on it and then edit it to how you need it to be but I'm not going to do that so I'm going to get control of Zed and it will just undo or you can click undo of this button here or file and save make a copy magically resize or change dimensions none of that is really important as it auto-saves anyway but it is handy to save sometimes too and then if you've accidentally I'm done something you can just click redo there so that's really helpful if you need any help from the canvas support team you can just click help here so they're really helpful people and they'll help you out and there's also a forum section on there so there's just forums where people have put where they need help and frequently asked questions and all different sorts of stuff like that going along the top bar here you can rename your file so here you can see test file and then you can share it to others which is nice and easy just click Share and then you can share an email address on Facebook or Twitter you can give someone the link and then you can embed it into a website so that's absolutely awesome and then you have download so as you can see here we change the file name so when you download it you'll be called test file dot and then depending on if it's if you choose let me just add that again as you can see because you actually need something in it to be able to save it depending on if it's a PNG PDF PDF standard PDF print animated gif which is very new actually that's only been on here for a few days I think so that might not work it's like it says this experimental or JPEG or jpg whatever you want to call it yes so we test file dot and then whatever the filename extension is for that so that's really helpful and then you can make it public or private just like that but I'm not going to do that because I want it just to be for me I work see the designs we make I'll make them public so that all of you can edit them and use them for yourself as well so that's really good okay so we've gone through the layouts or you can do is just scroll down through all the layouts so if someone just tried cutting their grass if you can hear a bit of background noise but just taken all that you can just scroll through all the layouts and choose your favorite one so if you're making a video about burgers or cooking or something like that or anything really you can just choose the one based on what you need it for okay next we have search this is where you can search for an image if I search I phone here Eskimo pictures of iPhones they don't have it updated that well but there's a few new iPhones in here but not many as the top one as you can see I think that's an iPhone 4 and yeah so a few iPhone 4s at the top there so yeah next we have where you can select it so if you want all or photos just photos and then just illustrations these are all just the illustrations that you can choose from and then also you can scroll through them all and then we have elements there is absolutely tons of elements and most of the ones I've got here are with the pro I've got the free 30-day trial of the subscription so I'm not actually paying for it as you can see free and it's got crown next to it which means it's with the pro so any of the ones that don't have a crown are absolutely fine anyone can use them for free as you can see free photos absolutely tons of them just there close that and then we have grits and then we have frames they're both really useful and then we have shapes which is great lines these are really good you can add these in nice and easily and then all of you all of the illustrations so you don't have to search through them if you don't want to you can just look through them next we have icons as you can see these old nice and easy to get to nice icons they just load in as you scroll down as you can see there's just absolutely tons of them and I'll get rid of that and then there's charts these are charts that you can put in and actually put data in so as you can see you can edit all of the data inside it wherever you want to edit it but I'm going to delete that as I do not need a chart and then we have I heart canva which is just where canva has all of their own little images that they've made which is fantastic they're nice nice images and that's really for editor link that's really for advertising canva and yeah just showing your support really that's cool and then these are all the pro ones so I'm not going to go through them you can just go through them on your own as you probably understand what they will are you could just nice and easily just click it as you can see that's pictures of people and then we've got and then we've got pictures of food see so that's nice and easy and then we have text with this you can add your heading or subtitle or body text and then there's also loads of different presets where the text has been edited with shapes and things like that so it looks cooler so as you can see there's a square here with the text in the middle of it I'll delete that though it's getting in the way and then once you've got your text click it and then click this bit just here and you can change your font change your font size change your color for your text set it as bold italic some fonts aren't available to go and bold and italic so they'll be grayed out if that's the case and Center it so can align it to the left right or the center capitalize it or leave it normal and then as it and then put them all in bullet points so that's nice and easy and finally you can change the spacing and line height so that's just making it have more space between the letters and more or less space between the lines and then there's obviously anchors so you can anchor it to where you want to anchor it but let's just a bit more in depth and that's not too important really after that you can copy a range so say you don't want this to be in front of this you can put this here so as you can see this is above that so you can click on this click a range and back and now this text here is above it as you can see is there's no point doing that obviously that's more for images and shapes and things like that or just making sure your text is above images and then we have copy so there's now two of them which is awesome change the transparency so it's like yep you can easily change that and then you can apply a link which isn't really very useful considering and then you can delete it so there you go after dated that next we have background this is where you can change the background style as you can see there's images here so you won't see the background but as you can see that would change the style behind there you can change the background color so if I set that to that color oh if I set that to finally move out all of these out the way if I set that to that color you can see that it goes green and that's the entire background and if I select all of this and delete it you can see the background is now green and you can just change the color however you want it which is absolutely fantastic you can then add a new page with this button here clone a page of this button here and delete pages with this recycle bin button here so that is nice and easy and the pages are all numbered for your ease of use so say you've got loads of different pages I'll just make sure there's two and then you go to download it it will download as a zip if you download them all but if you want to choose one particular one you can just click the number and it will just download that one so that's nice and easy and then we have if you've got a item with a transparent background you can also just set it as a transparent background otherwise it will just have a white background after that we have uploads this is where you can upload your own images logos I think logos is just for the pro so you need the free fade a trial for that but yeah you can upload your own images nice and easily as you can see that's a future course image that course will probably up soon that's for the net worth saving one but yeah just ignore that and you can see a few images have no I've uploaded down here like my website and things like that but yeah that is absolutely everything I think I think I've gone through everything quite a long video but now you know absolutely everything about canva and how to use absolutely everything so yeah it's really easy to use it's really really really easy to use it's free unless you want the pro items which aren't really that good it's just you can add your own fonts and different things like that that they haven't already added in but yeah that is canva so hopefully you know how to use canva now we will get into actually making some thumbnails in the next few sections so yeah thanks for watching this video thanks for listening to it I hope you enjoyed it and I hope it helped you and goodbye.

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