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Facebook Ad Design Project

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March 31, 2022

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Video Transcription: This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series and welcome back in this lecture we'll be designing a Facebook ad so let's get straight into it so we are on the homepage of the canva website which is canva calm canv a dot c om okay so go there sign up sign in and then this is where you'll get to now first things first all you want to do is hit the button just here that says more okay so that this new page you load out and once it has loaded we are going to scroll all the way down to ads and click on Facebook ad okay so click this and let its new page load so on the right is the canvas where we will be designing the Facebook ad and on the left is all of the different canva layouts to help us with the design process so let's just get straight into this so all we need to do first is pick a layout to help us begin design it okay so let's just look at these first and pick one which we think will be good now one of these top ones I think I might choose but first of all I'm going to scroll down to see what else there is of course it's let us scroll down now and see what there is that one's quite cool I like that that's very nice but it's good to keep scrolling for now okay so I think I'm going to design to first of all I'll design this one of this design I have here and then on the second page I am going to design this one just here okay so let's get straight into it so first of all it's not cables it is black trick okay so the ultimate online course is of course the ultimate online courses and then we need to move this up and remove this move this up a bit more copy this layout in just a second and ctrl D there we go that's copied and goto www.ritraining.com k fantastic move that to the bottom of the design move this down to about there it doesn't really matter we can't get rid of it I'm not too sure really let's just remove it and all these as well let's just remove all of them get them at the way you know they're in the way at the moment so we have black brick the ultimate online courses fantastic and now we need to duplicate this one more time so ctrl V if you already have two but they did something and we are going to type get any course for this $10 get any course for just $10 using the code and then we'll put the code in just here fantastic so let's just make this so that it fits perfectly very nice and also this needs to be smaller so it fits perfectly fantastic so let's center lap once again there we go and there we have that as well and then we're going to duplicate this layer for the code but of course make it a little bit smaller up to about 72 or something like that there we go fantastic and I'll pop that in just there and I'm also going to add a little quote mark on either side of it just so people can see exactly what it is and then it's kind of highlighting the text in the middle so we have black brick the name of the company the ultimate online course is the slogan of course get any course for those ten dollars using the code black brick and then just underneath that we have black quick training book code it UK www.h brick training kakadu UK fantastic so that is our first advert it's taken no time at all it looks awesome it's nice and simplistic and it's very cool okay so what I'm going to do is just move this down here and go to elements icons and just get the light bulb as the first one and then just bring this down size a little and center it like so and make it white fantastic just because it adds a bit more to it now what we could do is change this font a little bit if we wanted to - anything on here like this as then it stands out a bit more just like that awesome and then we have it so we have the name of the company the company slogan the text that says what you get for the coupon the coupon itself and of course the web address so that is fantastic let's just go to file save and rename this as Facebook add design fantastic so now we have this one just here so this of course is going to be another design just like this but in another style okay so first of all we need to copy black brick of course paste that in just here and move it up to about there and then we'll copy black boot training your code UK and paste this in just here lovely and move this to the bottom of the page and in the center as well of course you need to make sure everything is centered and nicely very good there we go centered and centered very nice move that out the way they would go fantastic so we've got black brick and the web address down there so we will now copy some more of this text so that we have it in here of course so any black brick as the actual coupon code so let's duplicate this paste this in here move it down here of course make this a bit smaller let's say about 64 possibly a bit small I'm not too sure just yet and make that centered as well just to make the box smaller first and center this very good fantastic and now we'll need two of these texts as well so let's just copy this duplicate this awesome paste this in here for the slogan the ultimate online course is fantastic so we have the name of the company the ultimate online course is the web address and the coupon code now all we need is the name of why we will be using the coupon code but first I'm going to bring this light bulb in here just because it's quite cool for the first design so it may as well have to sport it back just because we are pretty much copying the first design into the second just with a different style as you can see so yeah this is just trying to show you how easy it is to make the same design but in different styles okay so that is fantastic so let's just copy this and duplicate this layer just here ctrl D paste in the new text expand this so it will fits in and finally Center it so that is pretty much everything we have just made the same design twice but with a nice new style so hopefully you all enjoyed it hopefully had a great time and hopefully you learnt a lot now of course you can use any of these layouts you can use the own style you can use your own text you can use your own company of course all of that and your own layouts and hopefully you make an awesome design as well so I really really do want to see the designs which you guys make so please tweet us on twitter at black brick learn and we will reply and share them between them like them and all that good stuff and yeah because we are really wanting to see what you guys make as well because of course you are learning from this course and we want to see what you have been able to do I hope you have all enjoyed this video and I that you have had a great time I will see you in the next one so thanks for watching thanks for listening and of course I will see you very soon goodbye. 

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