Why SEO is Important for Your Website? Best SEO Techniques 2019

Why optimize your website for SEO?

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January 20, 2020

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Why optimize your website for search engine optimization well it's simple if you don't optimize your website you're not going to be in the top list of results and your customers aren't going to find you so if you don't optimize everything will just go bad so here as you can see I have typed scuba diving equipment, as you can see these first few websites, have optimized their websites really really well and this is open one really quickly so here we go here's one they are using a lot of different keywords to make sure that they're appearing in the top of the search results organically all of these ones as you can see our advertisements but yeah if they didn't do that they'd be a lot of further back like they'd be on page seven or even past that and as you can see not many people are likely to click on these websites even further down so that they're not going to get as many details on their products so if you want to get more sales on your products and services you have to optimize your website for search engine optimization for google for being for all these different platforms otherwise you won't get into the top page and if you don't go into the top page you're not likely to get any sales for your products or services or any visitors on your website so yeah it's simple this optimize your website and that is how you will appear on the first page take your time with it make sure you do it correctly by following steps in this course and they'll be fantastic and you'll be on the first page for your keywords that's that's what you need to do really just concentrate and work hard and take your time and it will be fine thanks for watching thanks for listening I'll see you in the next one goodbye.

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