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January 20, 2020

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Oh it's the hello everyone and welcomes back here we have small SEO tools calm this is an awesome SEO tool well it's not just an SEO tool there's about 30 or more here and they're all free to use and they've been all gathered together and they're absolutely awesome so here we go there are the many different sections we have content tools and then we have image handling tools we have keywords tools backlink tools website tools tracking tools proxy tows domain tools meta tools password tools and finally PDF tools so that is everything I'm just going to show you a few of them how to use them and yeah that's pretty much it tells you all about the website and why you should use it and why it's so great so first of all, I'm going to have a look at one and we'll be going straight to WordPress theme detector so if you see a website you like just use this and you will find out which WordPress FEMA is using so we're going to type in our black quick training dog code at UK domain name and then click check and edit just do its thing and then wait a second and then it'll just pass you the information that you have requested so we'll just take a minute and then let it loads in and the latest cover all the information from your website or a website which you're trying to get the WordPress theme form and this is great if you're looking for a website theme and you don't know which one to use but you found one we do like on another site but you're thinking hmm what even is it so if you just use this free tool where you can find out really easily and quickly okay so here we go if I to scroll down you can see the results it says what version it is it says it's a multi-purpose responsive parallax mobile-friendly slide plugin for WordPress and you can see the theme is beefy the homepage is here the description of the theme is here the author homepage the version screenshot and then so on and so forth all the different parts of information about it so yeah that's that you can then click try new URL to see another websites WordPress theme so yeah that's awesome that one's really helpful if you're looking for a Wordpress theme and now let's look at another one so if we just keep going down we can have a look at another one so let's have a look at this one keyword position so if we paste in which is a really well-known SEO blog and then just type in a few different keywords there we go we've just put in three different keywords we've got SEO SEO tips and optimization and if we go down and disk lick check position and here we go SEO keywords starting on it is on page one position one awesome SEO tips Google com page 1 position 14 and they're finally optimization position 71 so yeah there we go from the three keywords we've put in we also have the keyword position so that is absolutely fantastic so if you type in SEO on Google you can see that it will appear in number one if you type SEO tips on Google you will appear at 14 and then optimization is at 71 and then if we just type in SEO optimization instead you'll be a lot higher as of course is an SEO blog so let's just type that in so once again we've got SEO position 1 page 1 yep page 1 position 14 for SEO tips and then we've got I'm guessing page 1 for SEO optimization yep there we go page 1 position 5 awesome so that's nice and easy to use and absolutely fantastic now we're gonna go back to the home page and try out one more of their tools and have a look at it so here we have website broken link checker so we're going to click on this one we're just gonna paste in our a domain like big training dog credit the UK and click check and then load we've got a few links in our website but not too many so it won't take too long I'd say here we go so, first of all, we have got blackberry training okay we've got the mail which is not working that's really helpful for me to know and then we've got the next one which is working Instagram which is not working that's not our Instagram account so that would be Y and what if we got that next we've got ok ok ok these other ones working it's fantastic that's good that's very good it's good to see it there working so far other than just that one and that one he said both easy to fix though so there's no problem there and these are still okay so far other than those two and that's up to the awesome and then we've just got the same link a ton of times and yeah so we've got 76 links is checking here Instagram again so that one obviously won't work but let's just make sure all of the others are good so these are of course all gonna be fine as it's the same link over and over and over again so I'll skip ahead so when it's all done awesome so that is absolutely all of them now done this last one is not going to work as obviously it's the Instagram one again and we have another fail here which is once again in the Instagram link so I'm going to make sure I fix that but all the others are working as you can see every single one of them is okay apart from the Instagram ones and it's mailto one at the very top but I can fix that easily as well so that is absolutely awesome it's just the Instagram link which after fixes so there's no problem there so as you can see this is an awesome website small SEO tools says tons of different tools for you to use for free and they're all really good so I'd recommend it to everyone thanks watching thanks for listening to I hope you learned a lot and I'll see you in the next one goodbye you.

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