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Webinar formats and styles, and which to use in different situations

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: Talk for a few minutes about the different kinds of webinars that there are and this is not an exhaustive list but I want to give you an idea of different types of webinars that people use this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. because not every webinar is the basic sales webinar which might be what you're focused in a sales webinar you're trying to make a sale and there you have a specific offer in the webinar that you're trying to eventually convince people to purchase now no webinar should be all sales no one wants to watch a webinar and then simply get sold to but in a sales webinar you know that your purpose is to sell a product a membership or something along those lines within the webinar itself other types of webinars that I use you can have a membership or community webinar and there you're trying to basically make your current tribe feel a higher level of affiliation with you and your brand those webinars can be teaching they can be Q&A but you're not selling anything and you're not permitting the general public this is for your tribe who has already traveled part of the road with you so that membership or community webinar can be really important in giving you or people some Q&A time some face-to-face time directly with you that's similar to a coaching webinar a coaching webinar is for people in your tribe and what you're trying to move them along in whatever journey it is that you guide them on so that type of webinar coaching member I could have Q&A s it could have time in which people specifically talk about where they are in your program or what progress they've made they may be setting specific goals or they simply may be talking about how they feel about the journey so we've talked about sales webinars we've talked about community webinars we've talked about coaching webinars another type of webinar that people frequently use is a open educational webinar and this is a training webinar which you're trying to establish yourself as an influencer an expert this is the type of webinar may be done streamed and traditional webinar software or maybe you use YouTube or Facebook or something like that but the idea here is to educate and by educating you establish yourself as a go-to expert in your area of expertise so maybe if you are for example showing people how to fish maybe you have a webinar going through different types of lures if you are showing people how to cook you might create a webinar where you have a recipe that you're going through now you may question well why wouldn't I just do that as a recording and put that as a video it's the back and forth aspect of the webinar that allows you to interact with the potential audience so those are four types of common webinars that you might use in your sales program.

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