My favorite microphone

My favorite microphone that I use and recommend

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: This is the microphone that I ultimately ended up with and it's a slight bit pricey this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. but it's a fantastic microphone there's construction outside there's sirens outside I live in New York City on a loud street and there's always like a sirens fire trucks construction literally two construction projects happening outside one block north of me and one of the blocks south of me none of those sounds get into the sound here I've never had an echo problem I never had any other problem that I've had with all the other microphones when I look at this microphone I tell it where have you been on my life and it's not even an exaggeration because now I'm having to refilm all my previous videos because now when I hear my previous videos I hear immediately oh my god my previous audio was literally so much worse i can't--it's unlistenable I don't know how my YouTube listeners or my udemy course listeners used to listen to it this is the best and I got it like this with these items also I guess it's not for every budget but to be fair I wish I had gotten it from day one even when budget was more of an issue for me because I would have made so much more money with better audio so even if you're starting out I would recommend it because now I have like five plus or six plus years looking back at my video and audio creation and this is the best thing that's happened to my audio in that whole time.

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