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Evergreen webinars vs. creating new ones vs. pre-recorded ones

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: Let's talk about evergreen versus time-constrained webinars and what are the trade-offs of each first of all for those not familiar what's an evergreen piece of content this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. the word evergreen refers to something that's evergreen always or at least for a long time relevant because those you can record once and keep re running and re running and re running so a lot of people think they can do a webinar that's consistently running and it's pre-recorded and just get people to watch it one at a time not all at once you can do that you can put a lot of time and value into the production because it's gonna be used for a long time by you and if you do the time based webinars you can play on the news and new industry developments for example if like Google comes out with some new technology and you're trying to get people into that technology course then you can do that webinar at that month that week it will be really relevant and you can leave it pre-recorded but it will lose relevancy it will lose that luster that it had when it was really new and really topical also if you do time-sensitive webinars you can reference any holiday sales anything like that so you have more flexibility in that way some people though they think that they can just run reap rerecorded and help their audience that it's live or make the audience feel that it is a live webinar and you don't want to do that you should not pretend that an evergreen pre-recorded webinar is actually live because people you know they'll either be able to tell outright or they'll be suspicious that you're just deceiving them and then if they think you're lying you lose them forever once you lose trust that's it nobody's gonna buy from you ever so if you want to do a pre-recorded webinar it's okay but you have to let people know that up front but keep in mind people there for the interactivity because if they're not if you are not there for the interactivity then your webinar is as good as any kind of a YouTube video or anything pre-recorded that they can just watch it that way there is not you lose that benefit of being there for the interactivity for them getting a chance to interact with you so live ones have higher conversion for example mark he does them live and he does them on a new topic every time he does one so that his audience know they shouldn't miss it and those live ones where he gets people to interact with him and get get engaged and everything and people feel like they're a part of it there he's able to sell more from those then having pre-recorded evergreen ones the one time you might consider having a pre-recorded one is if you're just starting out and you're having a hard time populating a live one that's at a certain time you can have it available at all times at any time to people maybe because you're just getting a small trickle like one by one by one then it's okay to have one like that but long-term really you want to be live with your audience.

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