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The handout - to engage and improve sales conversion

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: Let's talk handouts this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. I [Music] think it's really important to have a handout when you do a webinar not just because you want them to have your slides but because a handout can be key to getting people to interact during the webinar you're gonna see when you start doing webinars that you'll probably have 10 to 15% of your audience that will talk back and forth ask questions and the rest of them you're gonna kind of wonder if they're alive the handout is a great way to get them to interact with you if they're more introverted and are somewhat afraid to talk in front of a big group of people or make comments because a lot of people are afraid to do that in front of a large webinar I can have a hundred or more people in my webinars and you know asking someone to speak in front of a group that large or to make a comment front of a group that large will be intimidating so the handout is key this is a handout from my quickest route to your first job in development webinar and early on in the webinar I have a slide about setting goals I will physically ask them to fill in the blanks with a pen or pencil or with their word processor during the webinar so I'll say something like let's all take a moment to fill this out so we become clear on our own goals if you are looking for a career or a job in development then let's fill out the blanks in this first sentence if you're looking to be a freelancer then let's fill in the blanks in the second sentence now what I'm trying to do with this is get them to visualize success visualize the end point of the webinar.

The promise of the webinar I would like to have obtained my first freelance cons clients in blank number of months earning a minimum of blank per hour visualize what the successful outcome is and again I could ask them to do that verbally or to do that in the webinar chat or do it on their own but having it in the handout again gives them a way to interact with you I introduced a section on myths by asking them what are the biggest myths you've heard about become developer so obviously you couldn't just lift these items off for your own handout because they need to be relevant to your topic for your webinars but you can see what we're trying to do here is get them to interact I might have them circle the tech skills the most interested in are the secondary skills they need to learn and then at the end I always provide a larger checklist that provides all of the steps that they need to reach the goal that the webinar promises so here these are all the steps they would need to get their first job in development keep it very simple give them a checklist of the date completed but it does enhance the value of the webinar because gives them a leave behind they can reference that's got the information from the webinar and then you might want to include some key slides I included the roadmap that's featured in this webinar as well other information you're gonna want on your handout is obviously your logo if you have one contact information your website so if they have the handout later but they don't remember where it's from they have a way to go back to your website a way to contact you or a way to re-engage with the content that you provided if they find this months or a year down the road so make sure you always have a handout for your webinar make sure it causes your webinar attendee to interact with you actually refer to the handout during the webinar itself and you can have them download the handout first during the webinar or send it up via email as you're preparing to get them into the webinar maybe with your email that reminds them of the webinar starts in just a few minutes and you can use the handout after the webinar as well and your emails to refer back to it four main points that you meant but I have what the handout is a key element to a successful webinar when it comes to format we generally give the users a PDF and then ask them to print it out before the webinar starts so this way it's easy then for them to write answers into the actual document PDF is a pretty universal format you might want to have a word copy or a text copy handy for someone who emails you and complains that they can't open the PDF but generally PDF is the most universal format and we do like them to physically print a copy before the webinar starts.

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