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Types of problem attendees and dealing with them

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April 24, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video let's talk about how to deal with problem attendees this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy. and there's gonna be a few types of problems I think these that we're gonna cover and a few different strategies well the first type is the as mark calls that stump the chump meaning people who bring up really complex topics or people who try to prove you wrong just to kind of challenge your credibility on the subject or show themselves as oh look at me I know so much they're not helpful to your presentation you can compliment them on their knowledge because you don't want that person to be disruptive of everybody's experience you want to keep the webinar flowing seamlessly but at the same time if they keep asking if they keep challenging you again and again then what you can do is after you've entered their question politely once or twice you can say okay well you know this is maybe outside the scope of the webinar I'm happy to discuss your question after the webinar and you know they're not even gonna want to discuss it after the webinar because all they wanted to do is really just show to the rest of that and these how great they are or how smart they are the other kind of attendee that's a problem is the rude attendees those guys you simply have to remove them or banned them and also make sure when you go back and banned them from your email West list to essentially just remove them from your email list because you don't want them attending future webinars either and every webinar software has an option to ban or block people another kind of problem attendee is actually a competitor who posts links to their products or business those people if they don't do it too much you can leave them alone.

If they start doing what they're doing too much then you just basically remove them from the webinar as well then there are people who have technical issues now this is sensitive because sometimes a technical issue can be something that a a lot of people are experiencing but don't say so you have to determine what kind of issue they have some are your video issues might be something to do with your internet connection or maybe some setting on your software and many people can experience this and actually attending to the people who have technical issues actually will often fix problems that a lot of people have and will improve your overall webinar success but you really want to get past those audio/video issues quickly if there are some people who have technical problems that are just specific to them like they cannot figure out how to get their microphone to work or how to get their audio to work on their computer you cannot spend too long helping them because remember you that's one person but they are like ninety nine people waiting so your main goal whenever encountering unique situations with attendees don't make the webinar about the problems deal with the problems quickly and move on because your main goal is to get through the webinar as flawlessly and as seamlessly as possible because the the better the flow of the webinar the more value that and these are going to get and the more value they're gonna get the more they're gonna listen to your pitch the more they're going to want more that you sell after the webinar so all the problem issues must be handled in a way that doesn't break the flow and quality for the bulk of the attendees that should be your main focus when dealing with any kind of issues.

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