Short-term sales vs brand building

Branding vs. sales, long-term vs. short-term

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July 03, 2020

Video Transcription: Let's begin talking about your goals branding and sales for your social media in this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy one mistake people make is wanting everything if I ask my clients well would you like engagement or would you like growth or would you like sales or branding people say everything they want sales branding engagement some people say get my name out there which is I don't even know what exactly that means or who it benefits so people will generally say everything they have a very hard time making a choice but when it comes to things like setting your goals you need to have a singular focused approach so you can focus all your energy on your most important goal so decisiveness is actually very important here so let's go over how to decide well first of all what is branding it's really important to understand that branding is long-term awareness not immediate sales there's a lot of confusion and a lot of hype around social media and selling through social media people confuse all sorts of things they confuse social media ads versus social media organic strategies now in this video we're not talking about ads this is all gonna be free organic strategies free organic strategies on social media they're long term.

They have to do with branding you're probably not gonna sell in the short term which means if you base your business strategy on sales from social media that's a mistake even despite all the hype and everything usually you're hearing that for many businesses often a mistake in this course we will be talking about how to identify what what are the right strategies for you but for now just be aware branding isn't sales if you are relying on social media to sell in the short term that could be a big mistake so that's something to be aware branding is good but it's not sales sales don't come in the short term if you're looking for direct sales if you're selling a product or something like that well there are platforms for selling that product maybe your own site maybe Amazon maybe Etsy maybe whatever is applicable to the kind of situation you have those platforms tend to be much more effective for sales if you've just wrote a book we made of course sell on the platforms that specialized on selling those books on courses not social media that's another mistake that people usually make is that they try to sell from social media where where they have far better opportunity available to them that they just don't think of taking this happens all the time so let's talk about what you should do on social media you want to make any sales or to have any kind of success you have to build trust and true fans okay nobody buys without trust that's why in a short term it's really hard to sell how do you build trust well it comes from quality when you give people quality maybe you create amazing content maybe you make them laugh or you teach them something whatever your business specializes in doing you have to lure people with some kind of quality content through social media once they get used to you when they build the trust they'll share they'll buy all that but not in the beginning.

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